The Song Of The Obama Religionist

Obama-Wars3By Bill Purkayastha


“We didn’t know,” said the Obamaist
“That the chemical weapons claims weren’t true, weren’t true
But we had it on the best authority, and so had the President
So what do you, do you expect us to do?
“The intelligence was wrong,” said the Obamaist
“The President didn’t drop, didn’t drop the ball
They told him, they told him wrong
It wasn’t his doing, it wasn’t his doing at all.
“We didn’t know,” said the Obamaist
“That the rebels might stoop to lie, to lie
They lied to him, lied to the President
We think they might, might deserve to die.
“It must’ve been the regime’s fault,” said the Obamaist
“After all, the dictator should’ve, should’ve fled
When the President ordered, ordered him to quit
Or he should’ve, should’ve wound up dead.
“He didn’t do either,” said the Obamaist
“He didn’t die and he didn’t, he didn’t run
So what happened, happened, is all his fault
The President didn’t bomb him for fun.
“We didn’t know,” said the Obamaist
“That bombs sometimes go, sometimes go astray
That drones kill kids, kids and their mommas
They must’ve deserved it, deserved it anyway.
“Why, we destroy countries,” said the Obamaist
“Only to save the people, the people there
We aren’t evil like Dubya, George W Bush
Or his poodle, his poodle Blair.
“As for the NSA,” said the Obamaist
“It keeps us safe, it keeps us free
For when the President lies, he lies for the good
Of Wall Street and military industry.
“For we’re the greatest nation,” said the Obamaist
“The greatest nation that has ever, has ever been
We stand taller, we see further
Than anyone has ever stood or ever seen.
“And we elected a black man President,” said the Obamaist
“So we’ve said goodbye, goodbye to race
And if you dare criticise, dare criticise the President
You’d better not, better not show your face.
“For if you do, you’re a racist,” said the Obamaist
“And a conservative troll as well, as well
The President will send a drone over your way
To send you right off, right off to terrorist hell.
“Oh we’re liberal, liberal” said the Obamaist
“And about it we aren’t shy, we aren’t shy
When we murder people, why it’s because
Those people deserved, they deserved to die.
“If the President says black’s white,” said the Obamaist
“To believe him our duty, it is, it is
You can have your ‘facts’ and ‘evidence’
We’d rather live in our worshipful bliss.”
(Author’s Note: I thought about writing “Copyright *my name* – this year’s date –”; but then I decided the Obama religionists already own the copyright on this and have done since 2008. So the copyright belongs to the Holy Order of the Worshippers of Obama the Lord, HOWL.  ~ Bill)