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Native American Land 1492
Native American Land 1492
Native American Land Today
Native American Land Today

By:  Jane Stillwater

Some people are always unjustly accusing Israeli neo-cons of learning their rather barbaric occupation strategies (of torturing, killing, harassing, stealing fromand jailing Palestinians) from the Nazis — but that’s just not true!  Israeli neo-cons actually stole their barbaric, inhumane and uncivilized methods and ideas from America!  And I have the maps to prove it too.

You know that map series that shows the changing demographics of land distribution between Israel and Palestine, from 1947 to present times?  With the Israeli lands all illustrated in white and the shrinking native lands illustrated in green?

Well, I’ve been working on creating a demographic map of America between 1492 and present times too –illustrating land distribution between Native Americans and Euro-Americans in 1492, 1700, 1850 and now. And will it look familiar?  Oh yeah.  So stop trying to blame the current Israeli neo-con foreign and domestic policies the Nazis — when we already gots a winner right here in the good old U.S.A.

PS:  Here is my version of the above-described demographic map of America, that I’ve drawn so far –except that I got the green bits and the white bits mixed up.  Mercator would probably be rolling over in his grave right now but, hey, it’s the best I could do.

And now perhaps it’s time to start working on a new map — of what America’s very own “Project for a New American Century” neo-cons have in mind for Israelnext.  And this one is gonna be big, even bigger thanmy map of the U.S.  And it’s gonna use up a hecka lot of green ink too — stretching all the way from Algeriaand Libya, through Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran, all the way to Uzbekistan by 2050.  Will get back to you on that one.

PPS:  A mainstream Israeli newspaper has just reported that an ex-Bush official believes that the currentchemical weapons charges against Syria are all false flags, planted by Israeli neo-cons.  And if Bush’s guy is right, the Israeli neo-cons probably also copied that idea from all those American false-flag reports that SaddamHussein had chemical weapons as well

And now those copy-cat Israeli neo-cons have just dropped bombs on the Damascus airport.

Since 1997, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, etc. have all suffered violent military and economic attacks by American neo-cons.  And this roll-call ofpreemptive aggression on the Middle East reads just like a page out of the PNAC playbook

And now even East Jerusalem is under attack by Israeli neocons

When we all voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012, we naively assumed that we had finally put an end to all that PNAC craziness.  But no, no, no and no.  The PNAC plan is obviously stronger than ever right now.  So much for hope.  Obama is clearly a PNAC type of guy.

And apparently America’s current upper escalationsof power are also Al Qaeda types of guys too.  According to Global Research, “[T]he recent Israeli strikes prove outright that Israel, acting on behalf of the US, is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria.  Western efforts to bolster supposed ‘moderate rebels’ have clearly only bolstered what has always been the main demographic of the militant ‘opposition’:  Salafi/Jihaddi inspired and fomented militias, that do not espouse anything close to democracy.”

As Dorothy Parker used to say, “What new hell is this!”  It’s a Hell that is costing American taxpayers their very life-blood, that’s what.

PPPS:  Here’s a recent report from Gaza by an American doctor visiting there:

“…The refugee camps we visit seem even more soiled and overcrowded than before, and there is trash everywhere.  The UN is running out of money to maintain its food assistance program and people are revolting….  Gaza is a pressure cooker.  The UN predicts that Gaza may become inhabitable after 2020.   But we will keep coming back as long as we can.  Our conscience demands this of us

Sounds like a Native American reservation to me — as best described here by Johnny Cash: and and

PPPPS:  Sanctions on Iran?  Screw that.  Somebody needs to put sanctions on those sleazy, war-mongering Israeli and American neo-cons  And what if Russia, Iran, China and India started a boycott of America andIsrael too?  What then?  Here’s what:  All of the shelves in all of the WalMarts in America and Israel would stand empty quick as a wink.


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Jane Stillwater Headshot

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7 thoughts on “America: The place where Israeli neo-cons get their Big Ideas!”
  1. What a bunch of anti-semitic drivel.

    Jane, you must be a real freedom-hating democracy-loathing witch. Why else would you assault the cradle of modern democracy?

    And everyone knows that Israel is just fighting for its survival against the ceaseless inhumane terrorist attacks by those savage Palestinian dogs. By god, it is America’s duty to protect the suffering Jewish people from the irrational wrath of a bunch of godless Muslim animals.

    The Arab/Muslim race needs to be exterminated because they are inferior to the white man. Also, because they’re such a bunch of jew-hating nazi-loving bullies. ARGHH!! I just wanna wipe them all off the map for the atrocities they’re committing against our white jewish brothers.

    Arab cocksuckers, let the Israelis live in peace goddamnit!

  2. Let me tell you lady, ’cause you seem really ignorant, America is the best country in the world! You’ve obviously never heard of great men like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Michael J. Fox, and the Backstreet Boys.

    Before America came to Arabia, we were a bunch of low-class uncivilized heathens. I am ashamed of my Arabian-Muslim heritage, because it’s so cheap and crass compared to American culture. The Americans, god bless their souls, taught us how wrong our Islamic ways were. They introduced us to Christianity, Dick Cheney and Britney Spears. They built us Hotels, Malls, Bars and American Universities. Between you and me, Jane, I think the Americans are too kind – a bit simple even – because they did all this for us and wouldn’t hear of taking our money or daughters. They have sophisticated technology that turns oily black goo into flatscreen TVs, big shiny cars and cellphones. Don’t you love TV and cellphones, Jane? Before America came, our women were prudes who hated being raped. Now, they are the most sex-crazed nymphomaniacs on the planet: our very own Dubai is the prostitution capital of the Arab world. We’re so proud!

    Don’t you like sex, Jane?

    And America gives us cool guns, tanks and jet-fighters so that we can protect ourselves from the bunch of dangerous lunatics living next door, the Iranians. The Iranians are very bad people. Just ask America. America says the Iranians want to dominate all of the middle east, and that if America hadn’t come to help us, our proud Arab nations would be under Nazi-Persian occupation. America says the Persians are the new Nazis because they are anti-semitic racists who hate Israel and America. And, I mean come on, don’t you just love guns?

    How could anyone hate America?! America does so much for everyone and asks for so little in return. And why on earth would _anyone_ hate Israel? They haven’t done anything to be ashamed of, Jane.

    I think you might be a little misinformed and brain-washed, Jane.

  3. I believe that the Zionist invasion of Palestine is the most horrendous and heinous act of corruption, brought about by power, in our day and age. I believe that the Zionist cause is funded almost entirely by the worker populations of North America and Europe. The Zionist cause is demonstrated by their national flag: from the Nile to the Euphrates, under Zionist dominion. And then, naturally, world domination, by force, just like Palestine.

    I believe the financing of the Israeli cause is a huge burden on the populations of America and Europe today. It seems no matter how much people are working in the west these days, things just don’t seem to be getting any better for them economically. The American military, the most abominable death-machine in human history, the big tough-guy who nuked Japan, twice, is by all indications completely devoted to the Zionist cause at this time.

    This is _not_ a matter of a group of Jewish people, with their heavily-armed Christian army, waging war against Muslims, although it may seem that way on the surface. This is a matter of a group of infinitely rich people trying to dominate the entire human population through their greed and capital. As these people are demonstrating in Gaza today, they share no sympathy for mankind. They are capable of committing atrocious acts of savage grotesquery against defenseless, caged, malnourished people.

    I believe that if these Zionists are allowed to win the war of Palestine, their Holy Land, they will become too powerful to be defeated afterwards. By all meaningful counts, Iran is the only country today that is struggling for the Palestinian cause. Practically all funds and weapons that reach Palestinian resistance fighters today are provided by Iran. And this makes me proud to be an Iranian.

    Personally, I think my country should fight for the Palestinian cause, to the death. I support fighting the Zionist misanthropes until either they or we are “wiped off the map.” And even though the odds are firmly against the Iranians, they have kept their moral dignity in this war for over 30 years. The Iranians have not been fighting “dirty” like the Israelis are. The Iranians don’t have anything resembling Mossad death-squads, who have been very busy hunting down and murdering Arab resistance fighters all over the world for decades. With the funds and devoted manpower that Iran is capable of mustering up, the USA would suffer irreparable catastrophic losses from terrorist attacks. But Iran has not engaged in such forms of warfare-against-civilians; all such attacks happening in our day seem to be coming from the CIA-backed group called Al-Qaeda.

    I believe the reason America is under police-state lockdown, for fear of terrorism, is because the Zionist mind that rules America is a terrorist who only hits cheap shots under the belt, and believes everyone is as morally bankrupt as itself. And while the American people are busy fearing and hating Muslims, their labor is being exploited to fund a state that has no viable economy of its own, the pseudostate of Israel.

    Dear american yahoo, and arab guy, we are not your enemy. Your ignorance and foolishness is your enemy. Please wake up before it’s too late, before the whole world is lost to capitalist-slavery forever.

  4. @ americanyahoo,

    “The Arab/Muslim race needs to be exterminated because they are inferior to the white man. Also, because they’re such a bunch of jew-hating nazi-loving bullies. ARGHH!! I just wanna wipe them all off the map for the atrocities they’re committing against our white jewish brothers.”

    So, you are openly calling for the genocide of the indigeonous population because they have the audacity not to recognize the claims of legitimacy of a puppet state set up by the Western powers in order to direct criticism away from their imperialist foreign policy? And how does this make you any different from the Nazis you claim the Arabs love so much?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after reading this…

  5. I don’t think arab guy is being sarcastic. He just seems really naive and misled. His awe for American machinations is in my opinion reminiscent of how the ancient mesoamericans may have felt about the european half-horse half-ironman-god creature in the sixteenth century.

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