Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

leaves in snowBy: A.B.Thomas


Cinnamon flakes of mudded snow settle atop

A corpse frozen that all but the ground ‘neath have all but forgot


Naked, bloodied, gouged, broken; tossed away without a thought

Her absence not missed, about her even her mother forgot


Years off her ancestral right she had left to seek out her own sought

But along the way the path skewed and goals aloft crashed and perhaps were forgot


High to high, pain to dull; all energy went to the next numbing shot

All to blur the remember that wouldn’t fade to the recesses of the land of forgot


When the weather will strip the blanket of cold for the screen of hot

As the grasses and flowers sprig aft slumber quickly forgot


Just as seasons change, the snow will melt trickle then trot

Taking with it her fullness of feature to husk of humanity forgot


Flesh will be stripped to bone by animal and maggot hunger to blanch and mottled in spot

Stealing to unseeing sockets for lush deep brown eyes that all will have forgot


Harsh are lessons to be experienced rather than those that can be taught

To e’er be redone as the failures to learn fade from memory to forgot


Whether forced or willing to be sold and bought

Is a question that should be asked but will be forgot


As society frowns and tsks at what some life choices bring to wrought

Still did she not have a soul, a breath, a dream that was lost and forgot?


Day upon day; night upon night life does circle with no stop

Save for the woman that lies where even her killer has forgot

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