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© Helios Photo Molina

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Claudia Bolshaw, a university professor of the famous PUC Rio has created a critical group that exalts itself against the image of a booming Rio, a city of dreams where past problems were finally solved. This image of “glory” is a resounding echo in the marketing world.

“Rio mas não sou te amo correspondido” translate into French as “Rio I love you but you do not make me love” is the name of the group that recently joined more than 300 people, including students, teachers, the artists and intellectuals who joined the cry of Claudia. A cat among the pigeons which seems to echo. Claudia and her group are active in the protests more visible in hot spots of the city. We listen:

“We are told that we live in the most beautiful city in the world. For the Olympic Games, there is a huge marketing campaign by the government telling us that we are in a wonderful city. Whoever lives in this city is nothing wonderful! Nature is beautiful, the city is too, but the social issue is very complicated. It is difficult to hear everyday speech contrary to our reality. You open the door and this speech is not what you see! Each heavy rain, we are knee-deep in water. The city does not have an adequate flow of stormwater. This work découlement were made ​​in the 60s and rien.Actuellement over at the slightest rain we face problems, with untreated sewage. And the whole dirt surfaced. The poor suffer the consequences with diseases that go with it. The mayor said the urban “if it rains do not come out of the house” What is this wonder that is offered to us?

Yes it is true that there is an investment in the city like never before. There is a lot of money here. But all these works that are made are for the upper classes. But for those who do not have money daily is getting worse. Add to that a runaway housing bubble.

I was in Spain recently and when I said I was all Brazilian exclaimed: “oh Brasil! “” Rio de Janeiro Waouuu! “I felt like all these people want to come and live here. They assume that you do not work too hard, there’s always the sun. This marketing has a resounding echo abroad. And I wanted to tell the truth.

“We hope that it goes in the right direction. But we fear there has a compact passenger. To games, we are in the favelas (the police) after everything returns as before. We were concerned that this is a makeup. Rocinha close to where I work, traffickers continue to live on site but can not own weapons. There is a pact between police and gangs, I’m sure! ‘

This group also stands against the 15 th month salary of elected da city and lack of transparency, methods of corruption policies



To join the facebook group “Rio não te amo but often correspondido”

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