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Before I go on I regret to inform you all that, due to certain events going on both in my local area and on a national level, I shall no longer be a regular contributor to Subversify Magazine – the storm clouds are gathering overhead faster and faster every day, leaving me with less and less time to write for this publication.  I wish to thank the writing staff for allowing me to contribute to this site and I hope that my words have had an affect on the readership here (at least giving you all something to think about – if not completely shattering your existential paradigms).

All that said, I want you to know that me and mine see some very dark times ahead – we believe that it’s only a matter of time before “martial law” is declared and the illusion of “democracy” that has been maintained for the last two centuries will be destroyed.  Now I know that there are people who will say things like “that can’t happen here because we have rights under the constitution” and such: to these people, I suggest you re-read your history books – a constitution is no defense against the power of a would-be tyrant who knows how to subvert such things (at risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, I remind you that Germany was a republic with a constitution before Hitler came to power).

Now, as the illusions of “democracy” are shredded you can expect to see several things happening – the suppression of dissent, the focus of the common man being shifted towards external threats and the disarmament of potential resistance to the state’s tyranny.

Regarding the suppression of dissent, recently declassified documents point out how the FBI neutralized the “occupy” movement (you can read them here – severely redacted, of course… ).  The long and short of this is that the state effectively infiltrated this movement and co-opted its agenda to serve its own – and even had plans to violently repress it if that could not be achieved (see page 61 of that link – much has been blacked out, but there is mention of plans to snipe protest leaders in there…).

Considering the end result of the operation (i.e. the hijacking and eventual destruction of the “occupy” movement), I believe it’s a safe bet that they will do this again to any group of dissenters that attempts to protest the actions of the state – they will either co-opt them or simply kill them if they can’t be sufficiently compromised.  Expect dissident political groups that rise up in the next year to be quickly watered down, have more “extreme” (read: effective) elements of them ostracized from the main body or even fired upon with live ammunition when the state gets tired of playing games with them.

In regard to external threats, it seems like the two big ones that the

U.S./NATO empire would have us focus upon are the states of Syria and Iran – the empire has been rattling it saber against them for some time now and there are rumors of covert operations (such as explosions at Iranian facilities or chemical weapons being sent to Syrian rebel groups) that might set off a new round of military actions in the region.

Of course, the empire only really cares about two things here – oil and keeping the public distracted from the heavy-handed police state at home.  So long as the political class takes bribes from big business (like the oil companies) and the common man is deceived into thinking there is a real threat coming from the outside the state will have incentive to wage war: making obscene profits from the bloodshed and keeping the people preoccupied with a “threat” from beyond the seas – given this situation, it’s a given that the state will continue throwing the flesh of our youth into the grinder of the MIC.

Finally, I predict that the state will see to it that the common man is left

in a position of weakness in his own home – so far, the chief executive has issued twenty-three proposals for arms control (you can read them here… ) following the alleged Sandy Hook shooting (I say “alleged” because there’s plenty of information that has been released since that contradicts the “official” story – many [myself included] suspect that this might be a psy op).

However, it seems that there is some opposition to new arms control measures from the common man (see full story here… ) and that the state’s paramilitaries may have difficulty seeing these “laws” enforced – leaving open questions as to what happens next: will the state respond to failure to comply with these measures with force and risk kicking off a civil war?  Will the state’s paramilitaries *dare* to risk their own fucking necks for this nonsense?  Will the state rescind these measures and wait for another opportunity (or create [another] one itself…) to reintroduce them later?

While the future is murky here, I predict that there will be even more (psy op) mass shootings like Sandy Hook and that the political class will only pursue weapons bans with even more fervor than before – it’s my belief that a total collapse of society as we know it is drawing near and that the state is trying to leave the common man as weak and vulnerable as possible to its paramilitary forces so that it might commit pre-emptive genocide to try and save its own fragile hold on power!

In conclusion, the future looks very dismal – with the state preparing to disarm and destroy opposition at home whilst waging still even more wars for profit abroad it’s easy to feel helpless against this behemoth.  I wish I had some good news for you all right now, but as it happens I have nothing to offer you except the hope that the beast can be slain: I fear that there will be much suffering and bloodshed before the empire finally collapses and all I can advise you to do is prepare yourselves to fight and survive the coming darkness.

With that, consider yourselves warned and thank you for reading…

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3 thoughts on “Predictions for the Upcoming Year”
  1. Azazel, I sincerely desire that sometime soon, Subversify will be able to cover the success stories of communities that have begun turning back the tide of the Empire. It has done something so devastating to the morale of society, the repercussions could be felt for years. It has left a people; an entire global population; without hope. Hope is what ignited the pioneering spirit, built thriving communities in the midst of the most adverse conditions, inspired the works of great artists and gentled the melodies of musicians.

    We have only one shining example before us; Iceland, the country that dared put its bankers in jail. It has dared to start its own self-determination. It has dared to tell the US Federal Government its intervention is not wanted, and ushered them out of this peace-loving, self-sustaining country. It has recently dared to state that it would stand up for true liberties and set an example for democratic government.

    We should be, could be so daring. Because of the extent of internal controls, it won’t be easy. It will take communities, cities, then entire states to work together for common cause, without squabbling over minor differences. They must focus on the ultimate goal, and never become swayed by irrelevant issues and minor differences in color, social status, culture, sexual preferences, religious outlooks or anything else that distracts them from the vision.

    Our goal should be a healthy society and a healthy environment. The two go hand in hand. They can’t be separated. The poor health of one reflects the poor health of the other. We must do whatever it takes to arrive at this goal. We must not take our eyes off the enemy for an instant, because he is a trickster, an illusionist, a scam. We must learn to tell him “no”, regardless of how charmingly he spins the yarn.

    I don’t know how far off that day is when we finally learn to unite, but I am positive it’s the only way we can have hope for the future.

  2. I feel the day is likely a ways off. However, I am encouraged to see people taking small steps to self-sufficiency.

    The think about Iceland is it is small enough to make its nationalism work. I don’t see that ever happening here as we have so many regional differences. It may be time to break up the party.

  3. I wish I could believe you Karlsie, but my experience with states (i.e. monopolies on force) is that they tend to say one thing and do another – yes Iceland promises to set an example for democracy and such, but I do not them (nor any other state) to follow though when push finally comes to shove: when a power monopoly is threatened it tends to discard its espoused virtues and do whatever it takes to keep its hold on power – I fear that Iceland will be no different.

    I like to think that all of us can put oue differences aside and unite for some common cause, but without some common value system to line us up we shall forever remain separate entities that may align interests for a time and then go our own ways – and this is where we keep failing…

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