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Winter Quintet

By Renee Garcia Brown Jan 4, 2013

By: Renee Y. Brown


I dream of northern nights

A full moon like a mirror

Reflecting flakes of silver falling

As snow.

Glittering stars

Are faceted crystal orbs


A farther




moon and branch

We pray

For the cold, sharp


Of the moon

To slay this beast of a sun and

Bring night.




Fires snap and glow.

Amber moon of harvest night

Round and huge

The fertile belly of autumn

Filling the sky

And us

With abundance —

We dance with the flames

And give thanks.




Shimmering icicles

Woven into glazed lace

Cover the trees like bridesmaid’s gowns

As they stand along the banks of a frozen stream

That creates an aisle of ice.

Snow falls gently on my hair

Crowning me with a tiara of icy crystals and a sheer white veil of snowflakes.

Take my hand, bridegroom, as the sun descends early

This Winter Solstice Day —

The year is reborn and so are we

In this open church

With a roof of endless gray sky and snow-carpeted ground

We speak our wedding vows.




White swarm of winter

Descending upon the landscape

Building hives of ice;

You snowflakes are worker-bees

Who serve a conquering queen.

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5 thoughts on “Winter Quintet”
  1. The images editor Grainne Rhuad chose are absolutely PERFECT for each poem; I never could have done that myself, she is amazing. It’s like she tunes into my ‘frequency’ as a poet and picks up the exact vibe of each poem. She is my “Editor-Goddess.”

    Thanks in abundance,


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