Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

By: Azazel


Fire – an ember first caught light

The howling winds spread the blaze

Those weak and fearful take to flight

A disease purged by the blaze

Cancer that has spread through the world

Blackened blood feeding its every need and want

A heated, glowing tempest in the distance whirls

All death and decay before it comes to naught

The blood of the powerful leaves a crimson stain

The sickness peddlers lose all their gains

The coming of the priests’ and politicians’ bane

Hallowed be no name

Toxic storms pour down from the sky

Victims rise to become the agents of death

For the day has come – this world must die

Time for it to draw its final breath

Agents of demise, filled with purpose anew

Break all that has not burned

With forcefulness the rulers rue

Leave no tree or stone unturned

As the old world perishes in terrible pain

The end of a millennia-stretching reign

A new world can now rise, reborn in flames

Hallowed be no name

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5 thoughts on “Reborn”
  1. Well, I usually don’t – I just thought I’d try my hand at it and see what happens before I go back to my commentary/short story articles. This particular piece just came to me while I was listening to a little Vader as I was out running an errand or two…

  2. I really like the line, “hallowed be no name”. It makes a strong, effective statement. That’s how creativity comes; at the oddest moments; and the work detail comes in putting that creativity into words. It’s a very good poem and shows your ability to produce strong imagery.

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