Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

By: Mz. Suicide

My hands wrapped around a warm cup, a fire on the hearth
I see you through a winter window laced with frost
Gentleman farmer, tending the grape arbor, the home of my heart
Flecked with snow your frozen fingers deftly brush away each flake,
Breathe warmth and life into each vine
With aching joints and chilled bones, I sit watching
Surrounded by the books we’ve read and lost in the dreams we’ve made
I see the Spring under your finger tips and I am young with you

The grape arbor calling to me, leading me home
Dew soaked Spring mornings spent in yawing conversations,
Your fingers playing across the vines, each new leaf a treasure
Wild twisting vines above us, reaching, searching for the warmth of the sun

Sultry summer days we lay hidden under a canopy of lush green
The tangled vines mirror us, wrapped in each others arms
My head on your shoulder, the scent of magnolias dancing in the breeze
Full fat berries above us and the moist green earth beneath

Crisp clear autumn nights when the berries have gone,
The dark vines, dormant but vibrant under a silent moon
The smell of woodsmoke fills my head, the fire crackles, flames dance
Your voice is my melody, the song of love reborn on a journey of firsts

Long gray winter days spent watching from warm windows
As the garden sleeps, between snowflakes, dreaming of the spring sun
My gentle man farmer, safe by the hearth,warmed by my hands
Peaceful and quiet we sit, you read to me, inspired by the dream of springs to come

Watching through the window as the snow dances across the garden, my cheek is warm
A young girls blush, hidden by a woman’s smile lost in memories, lost in you
You took something I never noticed and made it all I see, the only thing I see
Under the grape arbor you gave voice to my heartsong
Wove a tapestry with my day to day dreams and set my spirit free
With misty eyes I open the door to you, brush the snow from your cheek
Hold you half frozen to me, give you my heart, give you my warmth
My gentleman farmer tending the grape arbor, tending my heart

You took something i never noticed and made it all that i can see( The only thing I can see)

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One thought on “THE GRAPE ARBOR”
  1. What a lovely poem. Very gentle and rustling with soft images, both chilled yet warm.

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