Nuke Arizona and HURRAY for Overturning SB 1070

By: Jennifer Lawson-Zepeda

Nuke Arizona!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  It’s a wasted state and has the most xenophobic people in the world!  Hooray, though!  The Supreme Court is where it all happens.  It’s where our country’s laws are made or broken.  Sometimes it does it right!

SB 1070 Overturned

Recently, this building was the place that Arizona’s controversial immigration law — SB 1070 — was reversed, for the most part.

In spite of that snaggle-faced hag, Governor Janet Brewer, and her efforts to back senseless racist policies; the high court found SB 1070 as unjust as the rest of America.

Excluding the “papers please” provision of the bill, the bill was knocked down.  And most of us believe that last provision will be knocked out, later, too.  Certainly, the Supreme Court wrote their decision to allow this to happen with:

“This opinion does not foreclose other preemption and constitutional challenges to the law as interpreted and applied after it goes into effect.”
(Source:  The Supreme Court Just Overturned Most Of The Arizona Immigration Law) 

Janet Brewer’s Controversial Approval

The law was signed by Governor Jan Brewer a few years ago who supported the provisions that made it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant and to hire illegal immigrants.  She also supported the controversial provision in SB 1070 that required law enforcement officials to check the legal status of detained and arrested people with “reasonable suspicion.”

Brewer, in a statement, called it a “victory for the rule of law. It is also a victory for the 10thAmendment and all Americans who believe in the inherent right and responsibility of states to defend their citizens. After more than two years of legal challenges, the heart of SB 1070 can now be implemented in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.”

(Source:  The Supreme Court Just Overturned Most Of The Arizona Immigration Law) 

No, Brewer!  The heart of SB 1070 was overturned. Thank God!

Arizona cannot arrest anyone for being an “illegal immigrant.”  Your state cannot arrest people who hire undocumented workers.  In fact, soon, it’s likely you won’t be able to request a person’s papers based on racial profiling.  After two years of legal challenges, your state bill was pretty much ruled as unjust.

Mitt Romney’s Immigration Policies

Mitt Romney has called Arizona’s immigration law a “model for the nation.”

One might wonder why he didn’t state this when he addressed Latino business leaders in Arizona as they begged him to support some form of the Dream Act.

TEMPE, Ariz. — a former president of the University of Arizona pleaded with Mitt Romney on Friday to support some version of the Dream Act to give “a glimmer of hope” to college students who are not in the United States legally.

“They’re bright. They can help carry this country forward,” Manuel Pacheco told the Republican presidential candidate during a round-table discussion with Latino business leaders in Tempe. “I think it would be a shame to lose that particular talent that they bring.”

(Source:  Mitt Romney meets with Latino business leaders)

Instead, Romney kept his immigration solutions vague, stating that he had some plans for immigration if he became president; but not explaining what they were.

Romney listened politely, nodding, as Pacheco pushed him to effectively change his strong opposition to the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented college students. Romney, who took a hard line on immigration issues in the Republican primary, has said he would veto the Dream Act if it were passed while he was president.

When Pacheco finished speaking, Romney smiled and said: “Thank you! Appreciate that! Thank you.” He then turned to the next participant and did not discuss the matter further.

(Source:  Mitt Romney meets with Latino business leaders)

What would anyone expect though, from a flip-flopper, like Romney?  I’m not sure there is any issue he has made a steadfast decision and stuck with it on.

Wouldn’t it have been more honest for him to admit he supported the racist policies of Arizona’s SB 1070?

Even Romney’s own party members have pulled away from him on this.  Marco Rubio, one of the Vice Presidential candidates being vetted to run on the GOP ticket with Romney has pulled away from Romney’s views on Arizona’s immigration bill.  Senator Marco Rubio had called for consideration of a modified version of the legislation.

Polls have shown Romney badly trailing President Obama among Latino voters.  The president leads by 64% to 24% in one recent survey.

(Source:  Mitt Romney meets with Latino business leaders)

Important to Latinos?

Some ask how much this issue matters to Hispanics.  Ask yourself this.  If you had a family member who you knew might be deported because of screwed up immigration laws, would this be important to you?

Well, many of us have relatives such as that.  And to some of us, they are our significant others and the other parent of our Latin American children.  Some of them are our children.

In Nevada, 41% of Latinos know someone who has been involved in immigration proceedings.  Take a poll of most communities around where you live, if there is a high percentage of Latinos and you’ll see how important this issue is.

Is it the only issue we concern ourselves with?  No!  But it sits high on our monitor — especially with many of us knowing people who have been deported without proper due process when dealing with the immigration courts.  Especially, when we’ve spent almost a decade now, watching immigration policies affecting many American citizens of Latino descent, through racial profiling.

Tell the mother of a Texas-born U.S. citizen who was detained, questioned and deported to Matamoros, Mexico, in the middle of the night that immigration policy is not important and she’ll probably spit in your face.

Tell the North Carolina native who was wrongly deported because U.S. investigators chose to ignore all of the evidence pointing to the fact that this person was a U.S. citizen.

Tell the thousands and thousands of relatives who have watched our relatives being denied of basic human rights — held in detention during their immigration hearings.

Tell those of us who have witnessed the corruption within the process of immigration hearings.

Tell that to the children divided from their families, after their parents are deported.
You can fool yourselves, but this is a hot button issue for most Latinos.

If you don’t get that, then your head has been in the sand for over a decade!  And yes, it WILL affect our vote!

As a matter of fact, because both parties have been ignoring this, I’m voting for Alexander/Mendoza in 2012.