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Subversify endorses vampires, and especially “black vampires” who keep things real. Listen to their demo and take a peek over at Grainne Rhuad’s featured interview with “BlkVAmpires.”

From Press Release:
BlkVampires is a ‘Must See’ band who have literally torn down houses in multiple venues leaving sprinkler systems and lighting fixtures hanging from the ceilings, while audiences stand in pitch black rooms. These monsters continue to excite and move crowds. Meanwhile, club owners drop lawsuits, while still asking for the band’s return, solely based upon their live shows. These 6 members combine Hard Alternative Gothic Soul music in a way that resembles what Queendid to rock & opera. In a moment you are listening to sweet tenor vocals, then suddenly your ears are jolted into sounds of sheer terror to slick cool rhythm guitar licks into pure metal. All this, while in full regalia a la Marilyn Manson and Slipknot.This ‘all black unit’ has no equal. They are the only band of their kind. If Satan is real and black, then with this found knowledge a new purpose is created in BlkVampires. The existence of Satan which has often been misunderstood and mistaken shall now be called “BlkVampires”. It is rumored that a cross will be burned onstage that night in honor of Satan. BlkVampires will offer $100 to the winner of a lottery drawing who can recite all of the Ten Commandments.The Source says, “…stand out performance by BlkVampires was as entertaining as it was frightening. …the heavy funk and haunting dub undertones were completely unexpected. The crowd’s reaction was instant, and newbies didn’t know what to do – dance, jump, mosh, or…some other convulsion. Though completely unintentional, there was something definitely S&M about it. In a “Maxwell meets Marilyn Manson” kinda way. Pure rage never had more sex appeal.” Selam Mulugeta.Ghetto Metal/Bazaar Royale is proud to present ‘the Uncanny blkVampires’ in concert on Tuesday October 18, 2011 at 9:30pm. The concert will be held at S.O.B’s 204 Varick St NY, NY 10014 212-243-4940. Tickets are $10 in advance/ $20 the night of the show and available at S.O.B’s, or

Please visit BlkVampires website at; www.blkVampires.Net For more information including full bios, downloadable jpegs, 300 dpi photos, and mp3’s.

Downloadable music can be purchased at


By Grainne

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2 thoughts on “Subversify Viral Presents BlkVAmpires”
  1. Karlsie, I liked the last too, although they have a couple of others I thought quite artistic that they didn’t submit, maybe they didn’t want to show nudity… worth checking out.

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