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  1. Wickedly delicious satire! The sad part is, this sounds exactly like what would probably happen if social services ever became a branch of government endorsed prostitution. Not even religious organizations are the kill joys from hell that social services has become. In a church, all you have to do is confess your sins and ask forgiveness, and you are immediately qualified for every type of assistance, which often includes an opposite sex member confiding the same weaknesses and making a deal to sin together so as to acquire maximum forgiveness. Confess your sins to the social services and you are immediately given a psychological disorder, fifteen pages of diagnostic sheets to pour over in determining your case, a counselor who forgets your name from one visit to the next, and you are never, ever forgiven; just put on hold.

  2. It’s a tricky subject for sure. I am against the exploitation of women and men but criminalizing prostitution has only made sex-workers even more vulnerable. On the other hand, legislating in favor of prostitution will not help society unless we educate towards a notion of healthy human relationships. More social mediations will only disable us further. The nightmare of tomorrow is complete control over nature.

    For further reading I recommend Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism.

  3. I agree excellent satire, also one would think in this future world people would be getting married, or something similar if only to avoid all of this.

    Taxation on sex doesn’t have to be a bureaucrat’s wet dream though, Rome did it nicely…althought there was the sticky issue of slaves and bondsmen and women.

  4. Provocative piece, Raven. Not sure where I stand on all the issues, but the vision itself was very interesting and, as all good satire is, not too far from the truth.

    What I find most interesting is the reaction of the human species to sex. It’s villified by the right wing, but I believe that prostitution is kept illegal by the government because of greed, not moral outrage. They can’t figure out a way to profit on it. They make more money busting lonely guys and hookers. Decriminalizing it I think is very logical. However, the government uses the right wing as its cheerleader, as to why they keep it illegal in most states. But it’s all about money, guaranteed.

    Another interesting thought: is this dark vision of the future and altogether bad thing? It seems as a species that we WANT outside interference in our sex lives. True, a badass like Raven may not have any trouble getting laid, but I can think of a dozen lonely guys I know that would probably welcome government regulated sex if there was guaranteed SEX! These are the same guys who use dating services, matchmakers, and depend on their parents or friends of friends to do their dating work for them.

    Any way, always a pleasure Raven.

  5. I think the ambiguity of questions surrounding human sexuality have to do with the perennial conflit between culture and nature.

    My story was just to illustrate how the government can fuck up anything, including very good ideas, like the decriminilization of sex work.

    So Mitch, I’m a “badass”? Ah ah, well, I’ll take that as a compliment, though to be perfectly honest, “assless” would be more appropriate 😛

  6. I just flew out of Fort Lauderdale yesterday morning and just before I was able to ask to opt out of the scanner, they started routing travelers through the metal detector because the line for the scanner was slow and backing up.

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