This month, Subversify Magazine celebrates alien abductions! We’re sort of hoping little green men would kidnap some of those Wall Street and D.C. corporate heads. We really don’t have any more use for them.

Anyhow, in this episode of “Stranger Advice”, host John Zaskoda interviews supernatural expert Marcia Schafer on things unseen, and what lies beyond the “Z.”


She’s had a lifetime of extraterrestrial contact that tends to knock the socks off of most listeners.  It is through her company, Beyond Zebra, that she explores the unusual and the bizarre, such as ghosts, extraterrestrials, animal telepathy, and all sorts of things that aren’t seen.  The emphasis here, at least in the beginning, is on “soul lessons.”  Listen to her interview on Stranger Advice, during which she describes her work, her intentions, and how she can help plan plan your future.

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