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This episode of Stranger Advice (“Discovering Maars”) features an interview with Jim Marrs, a former newspaper journalist and New York Times bestselling author.  Marrs talks to host John Zaskoda about JFK conspiracies, September 11th, aliens, Hitler and what the government doesn’t want its citizens to know.

“…What was surprising to me was the number of people I found in the public who basically said, ‘I dont want to know that, dont tell me that’ because it would upset their little world view…”

“…The higher levels of government didn’t care if we knew about UFOs as long as it was speculative and fictional.  But when you laid out the story that remote viewing is legitimate and intelligence officers who were using it quite effectively for the U.S. army had been studied and experimented on by the CIA and National Security Agency, they decided, ‘This is too real, too credible, this is going to upset people.’ So they squashed the book…”

“…The mass media is everything we see and here is under very tight control.  I was concerned back in the early 90s because all of the major media in this country had fallen under the control of about a dozen multinational corporations.  Today, it’s even worse. It’s down to five. Five giant corporations control everything we see and hear…”

“…They control everything we see and hear, and [I’m] not just talking about the news.  Magazines, book publishing, book clubs, newspaper chains, satellite, cable, billboards, you name it. Whoever controls the medium controls the message…”


“…It’s not political…it’s criminal.  We should all be willing to talk about criminal activity…”


It’s a one-on-one conversation with Jim Maars they don’t want you to hear!  “Stranger Advice” is an Internet talk radio show for the open-minded.  Hosted by John Zaskoda, an artist, musician, father and avid information researcher, the show invites listeners to “sit back, relax and open your mind to any and all new possibilities…for the beginning is near.”

Listen to the interview on Subversify Viral right now!

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One thought on “Stranger Advice: “Discovering Marrs””
  1. Good interview, John. It must have been fun to talk to such a recognized author. It’s nice to see someone on the “other side” of journalism calling it like we (the radicals and Internet pirates) see it.

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