“My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones –but there are.”
“Yes, there are, aren’t there?”
“Why do they tell little kids that?”
“Most of the time it’s true.”

Extraterrestrials in Texas? We wouldn’t be doing our jobs as executive-level subversives if we didn’t propagate the belief in aliens. Hear a bone-chilling story of aliens in Texas from “Stranger Advice” with host John Zaskoda, courtesy of Subversify VIRAL.

Episode #3 of Stranger Advice features a detailed account of one family’s ongoing series of UFO encounters. Brothers Henry & Joey, with their cousin Hector, describe a recent sighting in Texas that they, and over a dozen other family members, observed. Sincere and consistent with each and every detail, their honesty is obvious. As each day passes, the puzzle becomes harder to solve and they are forced to question much more than what they saw. They now must question their beliefs.

Listen to it on Subversify VIRAL right now!

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