The Northwest Passage to Riches and War

Karla Fetrow- The United States isn’t the only country rubbing melting ice and oil development together and coming up with dollar signs. Canada, Russia, Norway wand Denmark have staked property claims with the inside passage of the Arctic Circle.

The Dangers of Pacifism

Azazel- The violence of the state is presented in heroic terms whilst violence used by non-state actors (oft referred to as “terrorists”) is condemned, the deeds of pacifists such as Gandhi and MLK (overrated men in my opinion) are exalted whilst those of

The Icelandic Accord, Part II episode 3

Karla Fetrow- Failing to gain a majority vote despite President Ting’s support, Vandeweerd prepares to leave yet another deadlocked summit meeting when his course his swayed by a minor detail. Queen Caridad, of the Peruvian Empire has summoned him.

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