Is Google Censoring Nibiru Planet X?

By The Late Mitchell Warren

“Is Google Censoring Nibiru Planet X or is it just more 2012 paranoia?”

On May 21, 2011, much of the world laughed at a man by the name of Harold Camping. Camping was yet another Christian conservative who predicted the end of times, stating that on a fateful Saturday, Jesus Christ would return and rapture would culminate, eventually seeing the death of millions of people through fire and brimstone. The world was scheduled to end later that year on October 21, 2011, at least in Camping’s mind. As a result of his failed prediction, atheists, agnostics and even Christians chuckled in unison. Another doomsday prophet that dared to know the logic of the universe, and define it in human terms.

Now, just weeks removed from Camping’s admission of miscalculation (though he’s far from through making predictions) the world is again quaking in fear, this time because instead of God, “Science” is making a prediction of death and destruction. The supposedly hush-hush conspiracy is known as Nibiru or “Planet X.” Today, people prognosticate the end of the world, creating dramatic YouTube videos featuring footage of natural disasters, while scientists attempt to explain the threat in coherent terms, many of which downplay the imminent danger.

In the midst of this predictable panic of prediction, accusations are being whispered at the expense of the world’s most popular search engine. Is Google covering up Planet X? Is it true that the search engine is censoring results for Planet X in order to prevent wide-scale panic? In particular, are they trying to drown out websites that point to a dreadful date in summer 2011 that will supposedly involve the state of California? Let’s first consider what Nibiru is, allegedly and through official confirmation.

What is Nibiru

Nibiru, or Planet X, refers to a hypothetical encounter between planet Earth and an unidentified but frequently seen planet outside of our solar system. This supposed encounter will result in massive destruction on the earth, whether through a direct collision or a near miss that still would still have deadly ramifications.

Planet X does exist according to scientific evidence…sort of. Actually, Pluto was originally deemed Planet X, as soon as astronomers in the 19th century discovered evidence that there could be another planet beyond Neptune. Based on 20th century astronomer Percival Lowell’s suggestion that there were discrepancies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, scientists began investigating Planet X, a ninth planet to explain these discrepancies. By 1930, Planet X was proven to exist by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, and it was renamed Pluto. However, by 2006, the International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet.

Ever since the great mystery of Pluto, mankind has continued looking for a hypothetical ninth planet (since Pluto is no longer considered a true planet), a Planet X, that periodically appears as a riveting new idea.

There are many websites devoted to Planet X discussion, including the origins of the Nibiru name and the Planet X disaster scenario. Most of these sites remain cynical as to the threat, given that the originator of the Nibiru conspiracy, Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk, claims to have received warnings from extra-terrestrial life forms. Her original prediction stated that Planet X would invade our solar system by 2003, which would result in a “pole shift” event.

Author Zecharia Sitchin inadvertently started many of the Nibiru rumors by speaking of a mysterious 12th planet, referring often to ancient Sumerians who reportedly had a great knowledge of the solar system. Sitchin went on to say that the Sumerians had established contact with an alien race named the Anunnaki who lived on planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki were human-like in characteristics, which seemed to provoke numerous biblical allusions to the bible book Genesis (i.e. the “Nephilim”), and in the opinion of Lloyd Pye, may provide a rational compromise between creationism and evolution, since he credits the Anunnaki with creating “human slaves” in their image.

Sitchin, now deceased, always denied the relevance of the Nibiru return in 2003. However, he did state that the Nibiru has known of earth for over 450,000 years, and that they periodically drop in looking for minerals. (Which could explain mankind’s fascination with harvesting oil, precious metals and various other elements) Sitchin declared Nibiru the 12th planet, following Pluto, the sun and the moon.

From Sitchin’s bizarre concepts to Zetatalk’s derivative exposition, it is easy to see where much of the Nibiru Planet X gossip has come from. According to popular belief, the 12th planet may be a dwarf planet, a full size planet, a comet or even an alien-inhabited brown dwarf star. The consensus is that Nibiru is not currently in the solar system but enters our solar system every 3,600 years because it orbits between the sun and the sun’s dead, dark twin.

There is a separate hypothesis about a twin sun named Nemesis, first proposed by Richard A. Muller in the mid-1980s. Nemesis is blamed by Muller as one significant reason for evidence of mass extinctions on earth. Though no evidence has established Nemesis as fact, theories abound that this reverse sun does indirectly influence our planetary conditions, namely by disrupting the travel of comets and sending them into our solar system.

Others, including Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, have reported on a hypothetical second sun, a star called Betelgeuse, which could become a supernova because of a loss of fuel and mass. The result of this collapse could result in two suns being visible from earth—a prediction that is reminiscent of the Planet X prediction.

Despite the similarity of these stories to Nibiru legend, there are substantial differences, which provokes Nibiru enthusiasts like to reply, “Is the Betelgeuse ‘two suns’ supernova story a cover-up for Planet X collision?”

Has Planet X Nibiru Been Debunked?

Science is clearly on humanity’s side and not on the side of the invading Planet X. The Planet X website indicts Mark Hazlewood, James McCanney and YOWUSA.Com as perpetrators of the myth, while Discovery News reporter Ian O’Neill states that the infamous “star with wings orbiting the sun” image is actually the planet Mercury reflecting an abundance of light, which affects the camera’s charge-coupled device. He literally refers to the ominous Planet X image as “a smudge.”

This Planet X discussion states that the very idea of a Nemesis sun is impossible, given that a star in such close proximity to the solar system would already be affecting the orbits of all planets and that the orbit pattern would be altered each time around, and thus never return to the same point. Furthermore, the author cites a problem with differing speeds; he states that according to the Nibiru scenario and the location of the planet as of 2001, the planet moves slowly for years on end and then suddenly “accelerates at warp speed to make the next pass through the solar system.” Granted the authors logic applied to a 2003 arrival date, but the scientific consensus is that gravity is not on Nibiru’s side.

Mike Brown, appearing on the Discovery Channel, did not outright deny the possibility of a twin sun, but discounted the idea that it would have a major gravitational effect on other planets. Nibiru, in his belief, is too small to be solar system rupturing planet, and too far away from the alleged “Kuiper belt” that hides it from public view. With a small size and a faraway location, Brown assures that “At those distances its effects on the earth are pretty much zero.”

The idea of a pole shift is perhaps the most interesting part of Nibiru legend, as it fits in nicely with other scenarios of global shifting, global warming/cooling and many other cataclysmic scenarios. The pole shift theory states that at some point, the crust of earth will slide over the mantle, thus causing a change in where the north and south pole are located. Proponents of this theory suggest earlier pole shifts were responsible for mass extinction, frozen animals and drastic climate changes throughout history.

Planet X’s immense gravity will allegedly stop the earth from rotating, realign the crust, and then gradually resume the same rotational pattern as before. Most scientists agree that such a scenario is unrealistic, citing that changes in precession and in axial tilt take place over long periods of time. In The Journal of Geophysical Research (“Apparent and true polar wander and the geometry of the geomagnetic field over the last 200 Myr”) authors Jean Besse and Vincent Courtillot explain that with the phenomenon known as “True Polar Wander”, a change of 30 degrees has been documented but over a period of 200 million years; however, no evidence of rapid shifts in the Earth’s pole have ever been observed, at least since the days of the ancient Rodinia.

Nibiru is also associated with the comet Elenin, discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010. It is believed by reputable sources that the Elenin comet will pass within 0.233 AU of the Earth, which some are taking a sign to indicate a collision course and perhaps an “extinction level event.” However, Elenin himself suggests the comet is probably three or four kilometers in size, which would make it much less catastrophic than Nibiru.

The majority of scientists and astronomers continue to reject Nibiru as a legitimate scientific belief. In the midst of all the confusion Nibiru has been linked to a number of other doomsday myths and scientific anomalies, such as the dwarf planet Eris, the hypothetical gas planet Tyche, and 2012 paranoia, stemming from the finishing of a great cycle of 13 “b’ak’tuns” according to ancient Mayan civilization.

A Google, NASA, and Nibiru Conspiracy

Unfortunately for believers, claims that you will be able to “see Nibiru with your naked eye” by 20__ have never been realized. Originators of Nibiru first stated that by 2001 the planet would be visible, and then changed their prediction to 2003. The latest prediction of August 2011 comes from mostly anonymous users on forums and video sharing sites (though and GodLikeProductions have attached their names to the controversy)

According to suggested timelines, Nibiru orbited between Jupiter and Mars on February 20, 2011 and broke through the ecliptic plane on March 4. As of March 15, a few of the “twelve planets”, Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, become aligned, which create a “gravity trench.” This supposed reaction to Nibiru’s presence leads to an increase in earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes—all of which coincide with Japan’s Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11, and perhaps various other natural disasters across the earth, including a 2011 outbreak of 1,448 tornadoes (and counting). At this point in time, it is stated that Nibiru would be 2.1 AU (astronomical units) from the earth.

The same source of information made further predictions for 2011. On June 27, Nibiru crosses Mars orbit, and in just a few days (August 3, 2011) the planet crosses earth’s orbit at 1.489 AU away from our planet. The second disaster comes on September 26th, when Nibiru passes between Earth and the sun for a second alignment, and causes a pole shift. By October 17, Planet X is nearest to the earth as it has ever been; 0.232 AU, or roughly 21.57 million miles. By November 22, a pole shirt reversal event happens when the earth, sun and Nibiru come into alignment again. For a time, according to predictions, Nibiru will be closer to earth than the sun, until it draws away around February of 2012.

Ordinarily, most people would write the controversy off to more 2012 paranoia. However, the idea that NASA is censoring Nibiru information in order to prevent a global panic (and as we know, panic leads to looting) is very provocative and gives the Nibiru scandal special importance. Rumor has it that Nibiru is being tracked by NASA, alternately called the “Psyop Leonid ELEnin Comet.”

NASA is viewing this invading “comet” as a threatening dwarf star but is feeding the public false information, or so suggests websites like NASA and Google have been working with each other ever since 2005, when NASA announced the two companies would work together “on a number of technology-focused research-and-development activities”, including Google Sky, created in 2007, which allows users to gaze out beyond satellite technology and deep into space.

Users claim that Google d(and thus NASA) is blocking out evidence of Nibiru’s presence on Google Sky, and dismissing the threat as a harmless comet. As evidence, users post numerous unsubstantiated photos of an approaching Nibiru. Some conspiracy writers are even trying to connect the mysterious congressional meeting of March 13, 2008 to the forecasted planetary disaster. Supposedly, the coordinates of Nibiru (5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58″) are viewable by a NASA orbit diagram but not on Google Sky. NASA and Google’s official comment regarding the “blackout” is that there was a processing error.

Nibiru believers are now urging people to take cover, especially if they live in a coastal city, which explains the threat to California. Danger points include coastal cities (within 100 miles), below sea level cities, cities near volcanoes, fault zones and even certain national attractions (i.e. Yellowstone, Mississippi Valley) in the U.S.

NASA countered these claims with its own Q&A, stating that no “credible scientists” know of any special threat associated with 2011 or 2012. NASA also claims that no planetary alignments are believed to be possible, at least for another “few decades.” Astronomers insist even if alignments were to take place, there would be no catastrophic events on the earth. They cite numerous failed predictions of “a visible planet or sun”, as evidence that Nibiru is a hoax. They also dismiss theories of a reversal of earth’s rotation, and the idea of invading dwarf planet coming any closer than four billion miles. NASA concludes by stating that they are watching the happenings in space through a Spaceguard Survey to identify threats of incoming or nearing asteroids.

Why the Human Race Loves Extinction

Regardless of whether you accept the possibility of a Nibiru cover up, it’s hard to deny that the human race loves making predictions of death and extinction. From the Lost City of Atlantis, to Noah’s Ark, to the missing dinosaurs, we always look for destructive patterns, which could explain sudden and frightening demise. All of these mysteries can be connected to a Nibiru conspiracy, and the 3600 years rule. It’s fairly easy to connect any event with a theme going so far back in time, to an age where supernatural occurrences were commonplace according to our historical and religious books.

Despite all evidence opposing the idea of a Nibiru threat in 2011, the conspiracy still remains plausible, even if it is stuffed into the back of our minds, for six main reasons:

  • A distrust of government, since one would have to fully trust NASA’s statement saying they are monitoring possible threats and faithfully keeping us apprised.
  • A lack of confidence in scientists and astronomers who regularly misjudge and underestimate cataclysmic situations (most recently, seismologists who were taken aback by the location of the quake/tsunami as well as its power)
  • A deep trusting of mother nature, including its vengeance, over the powers that be (the same ones who assure us that although global warming, oil spilling, and the spread of radiation are occurring, we’re not really in serious danger)
  • A logical perspective that suggests that if the government knew we were in serious danger, they probably wouldn’t tell us, since wide scale panic is bad for economy)
  • A longing to understand and rationalize the stubbornly unexplained, including total extinctions, universal clockwork, and the idea that our modern lives are only transient in comparison to the big picture
  • Our longing to believe in something greater than us, if not God, than in super intelligent alien life forms (and as absurd as these proposals may seem, the possibility of intelligent alien life is scientifically valid)

Perhaps the most telling reason for our death paranoia is the fact that, as a species, we are gravely afraid of death and have a profound sense of guilt for our sins against nature. Perhaps mankind, regretting years of murder, genocide, rape, oppression, and willful extinction of plant, animal and fellow humans, has come to accept the culpability they would have in an “end of the world scenario.”

The idea of a post apocalyptic world is even appealing to some, the ones who detest the commercialism and the opportunism that creates paradise for the rich and misery for the poor. Psychologists define thanatophobia or necrophobia as the abnormal fear of death, often associated with death anxiety.  In the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (“The fear of death and religious attitudes and behavior”, Kahoe, R. D., & Dunn, R. F.), the doctors proposed a link between the fear of death and religious attitudes. The hypothesis is that “fear motivates religious commitment, including the reassurances of an afterlife.” The doctors conducted studies on individuals who had a very firm conviction in their faith (including regular church attendance) and the majority of these subjects reported not being afraid of dying.

On the other hand, according to studies, the people who had a very “loose” view of religion, were discovered to be the most anxious. Is it possible that masses of humankind are suffering from a guilty conscience and thus looking for patterns in all sorts of random events? A counselor or psychiatrist might suggest to an anxious person (particularly in dream interpretation) that death anxiety is not related to the fear of nonexistence, but rather to the significance and accomplishment, one has in life. The fear of massive death may very well be the motivation we need to make positive changes in our lives.

The fact that many scientists are so quick to dismiss Nibiru conspiracy theories is concerning. We usually scoff at creationist predictions, while taking scientific hypothesis (however inconclusive) as firm logical foundations of fact. Nevertheless, the idea of an invading dwarf planet (not entirely impossible) seems to provoke even the most intelligent among us, who insist that earth could not be in serious danger based on scientific facts. Nevertheless, in 2011, we have seen disturbing physical evidence that science is not keeping us safe, and that rationality is not preventing unpredictable destruction.

So while we may dismiss the idea of Nibiru Planet X conspiracy as nonsense, how quick are we to dismiss the idea of the earth being in danger—if not from intergalactic threats—then from our own mismanagement of earth’s resources?

A Google Investigation

There is only one point left to pursue, and that is the alleged conspiracy of Google censorship. As far as any rumor about Google blocking Planet X websites, this is completely untrue, as Google was used to research practically all of the cited references in this article.

Google Sky blocking Planet X’s existence remains the subject of hearsay. Obviously, there has been a lot of controversy in the way Google handles its searches, particularly after the Google Panda algorithm update. Google has admitted its aims to have “trustworthy” search results returned for broad searches, meaning that smaller websites, individual author pages, and advertising-heavy pages would probably lose high search rankings in favor of national publications, popular websites and government sponsored information. Google is also very picky about which sites they include on Google News, as professional quality and referenced sources are prerequisites (touches that many amateur truth-saying sites may lack).

Google is not merely a database “dump.” Much effort goes into post-processing, and it’s well known that the search engine uses human editors. A site may be penalized, or a certain story removed from top search rankings, if there is special reason to do so. While the item is not completely removed from the Google index, it can be buried underneath numerous other web pages (and most users will not search beyond 20 results) or even removed from display altogether.

The question of “How much do you trust the government?” has to be reiterated in this case, as the U.S. government is slowly but surely making efforts to control the Internet. Google has already cooperated with Internet censorship in China, and it’s entirely possible that they can do the same thing in the United States. The Huffington Post covered a rather suspicious meeting in June of 2010, in which government officials met with Internet and technology powerhouses to discuss “net neutrality.” A similar dinner event was held in 2011, with the founder of FaceBook, Mark Zuckerberg, included as a VIP. It is clear that anything that gets as popular as FaceBook and Google will get the attention of the government sooner or later.

In fact, getting the attention of the government in this modern age doesn’t necessarily require a monumental Internet achievement. According to this YouTube presentation, the government now has the right to detain suspected terrorists—foreign or American—and this could easily lead to abuses of power and repression of freedom of speech.

It’s entirely plausible that Internet freedom, or indeed any sort of whistle blowing or public warnings, could be suppressed in the interest of preventing panic or eliminating dissent. Julian Assange (the founder of WikiLeaks and an Australian citizen) is already being eyed by the U.S. Government for daring to share confidential government information that implicates wrongdoing by government and or military personnel. In fact, since the U.S. has the right to censor anything that is perceived as promoting terrorism, treason, or disrupting the common interest (that of a capitalist state), the idea of removing references to controversial events is not far-fetched in the slightest.

Worse yet, the U.S. government is already taking action to oversee and control the spread of information, with an upcoming “net censorship bill.” Wired reports that search engines will soon have to block any and all websites that “threaten economic creativity, endanger the public health, or allow theft of intellectual property.” While the intent of the bill was an altruistic notion, (preventing online theft by limiting dealings with questionable foreign sites, and stopping illegal foreign purchases of pharmacy products), ultimately the bill is far too broad to be taken lightly by truth seekers, whistle-blowers or anyone that didn’t vote in 2008. Its true intent is clear—to combat foreign sites that are outside of U.S. Jurisdiction.

The U.S. is also putting pressure on web hosting companies, domain registries, payment processors and ad networks to stop dealing with “infringing websites.” If the government so chooses to label a page (any individual page) as infringement, or as something dangerous, it can force the site to be buried through national peer pressure. COICA as it called, is not merely a new bill, but an expansion of an earlier bill. The new expansion of powers has been called the Protect IP Act.

Subversify’s Conclusion

As of June 2011, the evidence suggests that Nibiru and Planet X talk is not being suppressed. Whether the government’s lackadaisical response to the conspiracy is a muted and strategic reaction to impending doom, remains anyone’s guess. Comparing the search results of Google with the anti-Google searcher “Gibiru” (an alternative and “anonymous” search engine) revealed different results, but practically all of the sites that came up on Gibiru were also listed on Google. The fact of the matter is that most supposedly objective search engines on the Internet utilize Google’s “custom search feature”, which could very well nullify the Google-censorship argument.

The threat of Nibiru remains imminent according to hearsay, even while no evidence shows of impending civilization wipeout. Similarly, we all await the ramifications of the Project IP Act, even while seeing no apparent government censorship as of yet (even WikiLeaks is still accessible through Google), despite the huge potential for state-sanctioned interference.

Inevitably, humankind waits for the next big catastrophe.

Govert Schilling. The Hunt For Planet X: New Worlds and the Fate of Pluto. Copernicus Books. p. 111. ISBN 0387778047.

Govert Schilling. The Hunt For Planet X: New Worlds and the Fate of Pluto. Copernicus Books. p. 111. ISBN 0387778047.

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Author, "The End of the Magical Kingdom”, a Parody, Satire & Psychological Horror book series.

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  1. This article is sooooo full of BS it is not worth sharing. Even an idiot knows NASA and our government is lying and a second sun, brown dwarf star is already in our solar system. Better luck next time with your lies.

  2. Good one, Mitch!

    My take? Google isn’t doing anything. In fact, when any outfit gets big enough, people nowadays begin to suspect it – the free flow of information (far greater than even when I was in my thirties) is both blessing and curse that way.

    I’m pretty well-stated in past posts and comments regarding my position on fairies, orcs, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Imaginary Friends, and conspiracy theories of all stripes – so I won’t belabor the point.

    …but anyone who actually believes this Nibiru crap can come see me. I have not one, but seven bridges here in Portland, Oregon for sale, cheap…..


  3. I was surprised at the number of theories regarding the existence of “Planet X”; especially the one concerning a dwarf sun. I find the dwarf sun theory the most difficult to swallow; at least as a dangerous addition to our solar family because if it had a gravitational pull, our eliptical orbit around the sun would have a marked variant to its swing. If it has no gravitational pull, it’s not collapsing into itself. It’s dead matter and the chances are that it’s simply drifting until something with a strong enough pull draws it in.

    My own education on Planet X was a review i read several years ago in Astronomy Today, which listed a possible planet beyond Pluto, giving mathematical support as evidence. The mathematics included the possible existence of yet two other extremely distant planets that could be either the tail end of our solar system’s heavenly bodies or the outer most planets of the next existing system.

    Is Planet X an asteroid? The asteroid belt has a far more radical swing in its rotation than does the planetary system. Many of the asteroids being charted now have not been viewed, let alone charted, in a thousand years. Because of their weak gravitational pull, asteroids tend to drift a little in each elipitical swing. They can, and have been, pulled in the past, into the stronger gravity of other planets. Jupiter is a far larger and gravitationally stronger planet than Earth, and takes the greatest brunt of drifting asteroid impacts. There are several asteroids that will be passing close to Earth, but it has not yet been determined if they will pass close enough to be pulled into our gravitational field. Several have already passed close by and have continued merrily on their way. An asteroid impact would certainly be devastating and possibly cause large-scale life extinction, but it is as much out of our hands as a massive volcanic eruption unless science saves us.

    The most interesting theory of all is the influence of planetary conjunctions. Planets revolve into conjunction all the time. It’s just that it’s usually not more than two or three planets that line up, back to back in a planetary roll beyond the sun. In the 1980’s five planets lined up in conjunction before continuing on in their rotation. In the 1990’s, seven planets obligingly set their clockwork, one directly behind the other. It’s not the conjunction itself that theorists worry over. It’s the gravitational pull that occurs as these lined up planets begin moving away from each other. This pull is stronger than when the planets are not in alignment and casually rotate past each other. This pull is what is thought could trigger massive earth upheavals in terms of tides, earthquakes and volcanic activity.

    When nothing major happened after the planets went into conjunction, the idea was dismissed, but the actual effects are supposed to be an ongoing process that diminishes as the planets drift more and more out of alignment. This process takes several decades. In the meantime, our galaxy is lining up its own stellar bodies, which the Mayan scripts say occurs only once in every twelve thousand years and what astronomers call a “horizon event”. No evidence so far, indicates that the Milky Way Galaxy remakes itself every twelve thousand years, so i am going to assume it knows what it’s doing.

    I would be far more afraid of a suppressive government with purely material motivations than i would of a horizon event, which is apparently a natural manifestation of a Universal cycle. In so many ways, this government has already won. It’s turned neighbor against neighbor, harbored racism and cultural hatred and maliciously destroyed habitats and environments for self-gratification. A cataclysmic event would be a blessing; at least for the survivors; as it would give the human race a chance to start over.

  4. By the way, Mitch, that was an excellent article; both objective and informative. Astronomy, like the study of the human brain, is a wide open field of both theory and mathematics, because we actually know very little about what exists in the Universe and are making surprising new discoveries every day.

  5. All this can be summed up by Invader Zim:

    Zim-“There’s only one thing left to do Ger!”

    Ger- “Gonna make biscuits? Gonna make biscuits? Gonna make biscuits?”

    You see?

  6. I think it’s much more likely that we will destroy ourselves. We seem to have been doing a pretty good job of it in recent years. I would worry about that much more than “Nibiru” (or Niburu as my Billy Bob character calls it).

    In the pursuit of more money, more technology, and more destructive capabilities, we have become poor stewards of this planet. Had it not been for greed, we may have been able to at least extend our time on this planet. At this point, we’ll be lucky if even that is possible.

  7. I agree that a destruction and a fresh start for humanity is preferable tO the corrupt and destructive system we have. But what if the only people left behind are the evil ones 🙂

  8. It’s really quite simple. The world has hundreds of notable, trustworthy amateur astronomers. These folk usually spot comets before NASA. You’d expect they’ve all taken a look at Elenin. And not one has told us it is anything but a comet. Anyone saying it is a planet or star is not a recognized astronomer. Of course if NASA really wanted to keep the truth from us, they wouldn’t have let the news about Elenin get out to start with.

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  10. Apparently movie director Lars Von Trier (Dogville) has read such interesting conspiracy theories. His new film entitled Melancholia involves a planet-like object heading for earth.

  11. @Robert Blast
    “Of course if NASA really wanted to keep the truth from us, they wouldn’t have let the news about Elenin get out to start with.”

    There’s a theory out there that explains this and it goes: NASA has been monitoring Comet Elenin for years, they only released it’s discovery in December because soon amateur observers would likely find it anyways, so they released the information to stay ahead of the story and remain the authority on the topic.

    And as far as:
    “And not one has told us it is anything but a comet. Anyone saying it is a planet or star is not a recognized astronomer.”

    There are amateur astronomers that have said that based on what they have seen it appears larger than the other comets they have tracked which NASA had said to be tens of kilometers wide. It should also be noted to you that there are also many amateur astronomers that have noticed that it has a rather large debris trail that is likely more dangerous than the comet itself, if the comet passes near Earth, the chance of Earth traveling through a debris field is likely. But according to your logic, these amateur astronomers are not astronomers, because if they were, they wouldn’t say these things. So no amateur astronomers have pointed these things out. Your formation of an argument is quite nice, you should write conspiracy theories.

    To the author, great read and spot on. I side with the not much to worry about camp myself, but it never hurts to know the other side of the camp to its fullest extent. “You already know the thoughts of the like minded, so it is better to study the unlike-minded.”

  12. You seem to have forgotten to mention the Annunaki who supposedly live there, you’re bad. Also all the underground bases our g-ment is building and has built…oops. The millions of useless satellite and your free smart phone ring any bells as to planetary defense decoys? What about those huge Tesla shields pretending to be large hadron colliders? The intentional poisoning of the water, earth and air, by MAN made radiation, core-exit, BT, etc? Do we really need rail guns to protect ourselves from the toilet? The elite robbing us blind and noboddy ever goes to jail? This is poisoning the well and ruining the crop. Wake up.

  13. “There is only one point left to pursue, and that is the alleged conspiracy of Google censorship. As far as any rumor about Google blocking Planet X websites, this is completely untrue”

    FAIL, google has censored numerous websites and youtube videos about the true nature are trajectory of the incoming object. a quick glance at will reveal a nice big 404 error.

    “Google Sky blocking Planet X’s existence remains the subject of hearsay. Obviously, there has been a lot of controversy in the way Google handles its searches, particularly after the Google Panda algorithm update.”

    FAIL. a nice attempt at misdirection, but ultimately, FAIL. anyone can open up google sky, go to 5h 53m 27s -6 10′ 58 and view their nice big cropped out rectangle in the the star map. fortunately, there is still the IRAS overlay at 2007 location here.

    “NASA and Google’s official comment regarding the “blackout” is that there was a processing error.”

    but dont worry, you can go to to get all the validated information you need! ohh, wait… buzzroom is down, repeat BUZZROOM IS DOWN

    this article is well written and thorough, but designed to confuse.

  14. Another piece of disinformation from the lamestream media. They see in just a little while.

  15. So what did say that was censored? If anyone knows, feel free to repost it here.

  16. well the most suppressed idea is not about if Nibiru exist but about how thing in cosmos work – and gravity has nothing to do with it
    check out:
    if you understand how things work you can filter out the BS from both sides

  17. Here are the orbital parameters of Sitchin’s fifth Jovian sized object in the outer solar system in case the astronomers forgot them. Forbes almost found it in 1880.

    Table 2 – Vulcan’s Orbital Parameters
    Parameter Value Max. ErrorMin. 2 Sigma Error Forbes'(1880)
    Period (years) 4969.0 +30.4/- 24.3 +/- 11.5 5000
    Orbital Eccentricity 0.537 +0.088/-0.035 +/- 0.0085 not cal.
    Orbital Inclination 48.44o +3.12o/-9.05o +/- 0.23o 45o
    Longitude of the Ascending Node 189.0o +/- 1.3o +/- 1.3o 185o
    Argument Of Perihelion 257.8o +6.11o/-13.47o +/- 0.90o not cal.
    Time of Aphelion (years) 1970 AD +/- 1.0 +/- 1.0 not cal.

  18. I cannot believe Sitchen, so I cannot believe any who use him as a primary source. Avon Books, in 1978, published comic books, romance novels and science fiction. What, he couldn’t even get von Daniken’s publisher (Putnam – who published non-fiction works) to publish him? Why not? Seriously, people, publishing companies have their agendas and niches. Avon Books has never been a reputable non-fiction publisher, and today strictly publish romance novels. By the time Sitchen published, it was a subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation, known for being the ‘yellow press’. In 1999 Ruppert Murdock’s News Corporation bought Avon Books and continues to publish Sitchen through Harper-Collins. So, he first found a Hearst company to publish him, and now it is Ruppert Murdock. Most Nibiru/Annunaki believers will bemoan both Hearst and Murdock as part of the conspiracy of controlling information, but they haven’t researched that Sitchen’s agenda is crucial to the disinformation of these corporate agendas. But, I am sure some of the true believers will say I am Annunaki instead of applying logic and critical reasoning to see how he romanticized science fiction comically and found a publisher that specialized in romance novels, comic books and science fiction. If you don’t question everything, you will know nothing and believe anything.


  20. People are missing the bigger picture, if I may say so with injuring feelings.
    Look at our world, what is the global economy based on?
    Strip mining the planet of its resources.
    Does not everyone find that just a bit odd?
    Further more, people are claiming that the elite family’s, Rothschild et al, are the ones pulling the strings from behind the curtains in the navigation of society. This creates a false ceiling, never looking higher for the real beings who are pulling the strings.
    Many anunnaki are living amongst us, without job or need to walk in the public light of day in there day to day activities.
    Most would claim, But why cant we see them?
    as I previously stated, there not all Out And About going to Wal-Mart for a sale on cookies, also, What do you imagine they look like ?
    little green aliens, or grays, or reptiles??, all of which are psy-ops to lead you astray.
    If you remember your Very old history, we once looked Very different and were genetically modified to work in mines for the anunnaki. They combined our DNA with theirs to produce a hybrid being, with most of our (their) higher intelligence shut off.
    We, look like Them…yet a mentally inferior version, so how would you ‘spot’ one if you came across one?
    Know that they are here, by the fruits that you see in the world.
    I must say though, I am Very concerned about the writings on the Georgia Guide Stones, the first line where it is said to Maintain the population Below 500 million.
    Who is to do the Maintaining of this? and what about the 6.5 Billion people considered excess ??
    We are given an amusement park to play in, get lost in, a hall of mirrors if you will with Wars, Politics, Hollywood, Sports, Entertainment…ect…to keep our minds away from whats really happening.
    We are like an red-ant nest to them, able to inflict a sting if we are not kept busy….so a little bread and circus is dropped in front of the ant nest as the can of Raid is sprayed over our heads.
    Chemtrails anybody ?
    This is the Real problem that faces mankind today.
    Not Israel, or terrorists, or 9/11, or Comets, UFO’s, 2012 …
    Its all circus to keep our attention away from the Real threat over head.
    Not ONE government will acknowledge Chemtrails….Not One, and if you Try and get any information it is classified as National Security and immediately Denied.
    Don’t you find that….Odd ?
    Our food supply, water, habitation and health is being destroyed through chemtrails…..I take it that someones is very serious about the 6.5 Billion people required to be exterminated….can you folks not put down the circus and See this ??

  21. Has anyone calculated the odds that a heavenly body with a trajectory that reaches it’s perihelion on 9/11/2011 would be discovered by an amateur astronomer named LEOnid ELEnin (capitalized letters to emphasize the obvious)?

  22. Okay this impossible if planet x really was going to crush earth we would have seen sighs already like hello its almost 2012. This is just stupid. In 2000 people thought it was the end of the world was it no. Okay I could make up something like in 2053 august 8 at 9:27 a comet will hit earth and burn it i saw it in a dream and my dreams are always right dose it mean im telling the truth.What ever people say isnt true this is probably just a dome joke. NASA could make a mistake you know.

  23. Ooops… Scientist just released warning to the news that Planet X/Nibiru is real and it is here. They admitted they were covering it up but it became to big to hide. Many decided to put people first instead of the government. Probably because to many have taken pictures of it.

    CNN released the update from the scientific community last Sunday.

    Were you caught with YOUR head in the sand? Don’t worry, you were suppose to. Now, some people are hoping you put your head back in so this will just go away. Or you can hold your breath and stomp your feet, that sometimes works…

    Pretty bad when important information has to be hidden because of what someone thinks is best for you. The truth seems to work best. Kind of hard to lie about the South pole Telescope built just to observe… A myth? When in doubt follow the money!

  24. @ ihavenoname
    you are the only one who checked out the real problem..i agree wz you.
    They are playing silly games wz us all..too bad that the most people dont wanna see this..but there are some more things to say…first very damgerous corexit from bp and dont forget fukushima and all the other nuclear plants of this world…think about a heavy solar storm…no nuclear plant will run than…and than we have hundrets of fukushimas in this world…thats no fun.
    Norrin Radd

  25. I got slammed by Google Panda personally aswell…

    I have been searching for ways around the Google Panda update and I’ve done a lot of testing on my own sites.
    Listed below are several key points to take into account:

    1) minimize bouncerate on your web pages
    2) get rid of/nofollow/noindex thin and low quality webpages
    3) maximize Ctr in the SERPS (E.g use crazy call to actions and things in your page titles)
    4) offer much more value on your web site (improve visitors onpage time)
    5) interlink your site through optimized anchor texts
    6) use a privacy policy, about us, contact us, google maps location, SSL, address/phone number, images, subtiles, paragraphs, bulletpoints etc etc (all “possible” added quality factors you can think of)
    7) Achieve additional quality inbound links with effective anchor text variation.

    Link-building should be done in a very diverse and consistent fashion.

    Another thing, I’m a beta tester of LinkALoha currently and i’m seeing GREAT results. I know they are going to open a few new spots shortly, you guys should take a look. Those guys are great

  26. I checked Alexey Dmitrieve, russian astrophysicist on and he checked out as real. I checked interstellar energy cloud on and all I got was talk of other stars and mundane stuff. I could not find Dmitriev’s warning of ‘global catastrophe. Not in the tens of years from now, but in the one’s of years.’
    Go to It tells the story.

  27. the stuff on this website is a lie and nibiru is coming and it will destroy 2/3 of the worlds population and the govements will be hiding in their binkers but god will not let all the good people die and bad people live he will send his angels to kill the bad people for all the stuff they did against him

  28. Bullshit or NOT, there are a couple of facts overlooked whenever some learned fool starts quoting and denegrading another’s research.

    Firstly…conspiricy…MEANING= 2 or more people having a discussion (whether a debate or not), to achieve a reasonable outcome to any problem! Our politicians, educators, lawyers and for that matter, every human being with the ability to communicate are conspiritors on a daily basis…there would be nothing achieved without it!!!

    Secondly…having read all the works of ‘Sitchin’, he is the only one with a creditable explaination of where we come from, or who might have created us…and he uses ancient clay tablets to prove a lot of his points. Strange isn’t it that all the Archeologists in the world never venture back beyond Babylon when looking for evidence of where we really come from??? Believe the writings of fools in modern bibles written on paper to suit their own ends that will eventually rot against, those ancient tablets that have stood the test of time! I think not?

    Modern scholars with their PHD (Pervertors of Honest Disclosure) credentials push the line of the money brokers against any evidence to the contrary that may benefit mankind, and I hold them in disgust for it!!! “Hey man…I just found a cure for cancer”….”shut up you fool…there’s no money in curing anything…and besides, you’ll be out of a job!”

    Even Gallileo predicted the return of Nibiru at around 2066. Not bad for a guy who measured the precession of the Moon with an error of only 30 metres when laser measured with today’s technology almost 400 years later?

    Is Nibiru a reality then???…who knows?, but I can bet you that if we are to believe those learned men and women who take so much money from us just to keep us in the dark, IT (nibiru), will hit us in the head before they tell us about it!!!!

    The church said Darwin was a conspiritor…but look at the legacy of his undaunting studies he left us. Keep an open mind….read all there is to read and watch all there is to watch….and stay ALERT…the world needs more LERTS!

    For my money’s worth….Nibiru or something BIG like it does exist and will come…my prediction after 30 years of reading, watching and analyzing is 2065.


  29. The official story that nothing is heading our way is getting harder and harder to maintain as with each passing month the levels of earthquakes and other natural disasters continues to increase. Then there are reports that for some reason aquafers are moving, something that has not happened before but is consistent with a huge object nearing the earth. Then there are the trillions that are being spent building bunkers with a 2012 completion deadline. Then there is the Swiss currency which shows a planet with an eliptical orbit on it. Then there are the numerous unrelated first cultures that all predict this is coming. Then there is the mountain of evidence that governments lie regulary to the public…and in this case the arguments in favour of preventing public panic means they can be expected to lie.

  30. Planet X going to invade? No problems. Just get Bruce Willis to kiss Mila Jovovich and the Fifth Element will be released to piss Planet X back where it belongs, with Harold Camping’s credibility. And Elvis.

  31. This is the kinda things that are scaring me to death and not just myself but little kids that shouldn’t have to hear all this and worry about anything but having fun and being children. I would just like to live life without fear I hope all of this will just turn into a rumor like in high school and we can all go on to living and loving life.

  32. Charlissa^^ Are you referring to the “Ignorance is bliss” arguement? I just want to comment, that you are correct, young children should not be bothered with things that they cannot change. As their caregivers and protectors however, we have a duty to understand and be prepared for what ‘might be’.
    One other comment: Recently there was a show on TLC that portrayed the lives of three families that were preparing for the end of the world. It is funny to notice that this show portrayed the three families as ‘crazy’ and as alarmists. Is that the elitest media controlling tha masses in a subtle form?
    All I can say is that I will continue to watch the skies, correlate the increase in natural phenomena and monitor these sites to keep myself informed. IF there is something on the way the information will indicate when it is time to prepare. NOT keeping abreast of the information only leaves people with enough time to panic.



  35. You guys want to spend less time sitting infront of the internet and more time out enjoying yourself! There is no Planet X that will come and destroy earth, first it was 2000, then it would definetely be 2003 and now its 2012…when will be the next date when we’re all here in 2013?? I personally think you should all go back to looking for Elvis alive and well and move out your parents house and get a life. I think Dr Who will save us all in the event of a catastrophe and if he is tied up the Enterprise will travel through time and save the day!! lol!! Crackpots!! lol!

  36. Everybody ok, not been wiped out yet??? Just thought I saw a large celestial body out the corner of my eye??? lol!!

  37. @ I have no name, nailed it.. More people need to read into this and stop being sheltered by everyday living,

  38. To: “I have no name”

    I couldn’t agree more with your July 6th, “Wake-up!!! People!!! to the “Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying” Comment. As decade-long Chemtrail/”Morgellons” Disease–>(caused by the Chemtrails)researcher, Mr. Clifford Carnicom has stated, the Aerosol Spraying is, “THE BIGGEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY,EVER!” And since this is an OBVIOUS “disinformation” site, providing lies and “cover” for the Nazi Fascist Eugenic PTB, I wasn’t surprised that the Comment posters, those coming after your wise and rightous “Chemtrail” post, ignored what you said. And what you said, was absolutely correct!

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