By Edward-Yemil Rosario

US Social Policy in Three Pornographic Acts and an Epilogue

Too often, what often is presented as social policy discussion has more resemblance to the formulaic and really bad shit that passes for porno these days. Social policy discussions have as much to do with enlightened decision-making as bad porno has to do with real sexual intimacy. Which is to say it has nothing to do with the subject. Much of what has been reported on the spontaneous grassroots movement taking place in Wisconsin, takes on a cast of a bad porn video…

Act I: The Seduction

The point here being that US public policy, aside from being obscenely irrational, is conceived and played out on the national stage not so much for its own sake, but for the express purpose of being exhibited and seen, scrutinized, and ogled. Whatever you think of the mainstream media, its absolute priority is not so much to propagandize left or right, it’s to sell ad space. And the best way to sell commercials to create spectacles in the literal sense of the term. In order to accomplish this, the words and deeds claiming to be about the core issues must be systemically orchestrated, dramatized, even ritualized.

Before I go further, let’s engage in a very brief thought exercise. Imagine for a moment if you came to the (correct) realization that the current economic collapse is the consequence of the irresponsible (and very likely criminal) actions of Big Industry CEOs, not (middle class) public employees’ unions, as many of the right and far right politicians would have you believe.
If public policy conversations were indeed enlightened, our so-called “liberal” news media would be reporting on the fact that the US spends more on the military than the next ten nations combined. Talk of “austerity” would include looking at (DUH!) the part of the federal pie that is the largest. In the obscene world of US policy, however, the only talk of those who will have to make sacrifices are our children (education), the sick (hospitals), and what little middle class there still exists. Just one or two weeks after called for a freeze on federal wages, he and his right wing-nuts passed a tax break that will go almost exclusively to the richest 1%.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let me get back to Wisconsin, since it serves as a microcosm of what’s going on across the land…

Act II: The Blow Job

First, Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, passed a tax break that will go the richest corporations in the state. Never mind that cutting taxes for the rich (“wealthfare”) has never worked, the tax subsidies for the wealthy were passed with the rationale that since they create jobs, it’s best for the rest of us peons to hand over our money and hope the trickle down doesn’t taste like shit. Of course, mink coats have a natural aversion toward trickling down.

But that’s not the most important issue here. Calling Scott Walker a cocksucker is apparently an affront to the good men and women who perform the act everyday across the country. Bear with me and imagine the following:

Imagine a Latin American dictator at a historic moment in his country’s history, brought on by his refusal to compromise with his people regarding the elimination of worker’s rights. While he refuses to talk with his people, he apparently has no problem taking a phone call from “his biggest donor.” During the discussion he…

Discusses his strategy to lay off public workers to seek partisan advantage to pass his agenda;

Discusses his plan to lure other legislators to the Capitol on the pretext of negotiation, but then admit that he would never actually negotiate;


Discuss that he considered the “planting” of paid troublemakers into the peaceful protests at our Capitol; and to

Give his enthusiastic acceptance to an offer from his benefactor to fly him out on a vacation to show him a “good time” once he “crushes these bastards.” His response being: “That would be outstanding…” Given that your benefactor’s businesses could reap vast rewards with the “no bid” sale of your nation’s power plants that he proposed in his budget repair bill, this response is severely troubling.

Actually, you should have no problem imagining this because this is exactly what Gov. Scott Walker did. The only difference being that the man professing to be the benefactor was in reality a journalist pranking the governor — pretending to be one of the billionaire Koch brothers
This was a cocksucking on a majestic scale. You can almost hear the governor’s gag reflexes (if he had any) when you listen to the tape of the conversation. In fact, like a good little whore, Scott Walker deep-throated and then swallowed every drop of the caller’s jism.

Act III: The Reaming

In covering the historic labor protests in Wisconsin, the “liberal” media has stacked it’s panels with moistly elitist right wing talking heads (pencil-necked professional twat/ chickenhawk, George Will, comes to mind) interspersed with one or two “centrists” who can barely get a word in. Meanwhile, President Obama, who promised he would march with labor if anyone attempted to take away the crucial right to bargain collectively, stated in mild terms that this was an “assault” on public employees. Newscasters, ignoring the point that income equality in America is worse than Egypt; that the richest 1 percent get nearly a quarter of America’s wealth and income and that the wealthiest 10 percent capture more than half, wondered aloud if the president went too far. Smelling salts were passed around as “journalists” swooned hysterically.

So while the actual fact that it was their elite friends that had caused the near depression that tanked families and state budgets and caused over 400,000 state employees to lose their jobs, was almost never mentioned, almost no one mentioned the fake Koch/ Walker telephone conversation — the same call that would have idiot neocons frothing at the mouth if it had been a Latin American (or — GASP! — African) dictator.

The media couldn’t recall that the investor class was bailed out with trillions, that they reaped record bonuses, then record profits but face no significant tax on their reckless behaviors. Also erased from memory the Obama/ Congress tax cuts for the richest Americans hundreds of billions with promises of trillions more, that hedge fund managers face far lower tax rates for their billion dollar paydays or that many corporations, including those to whom Governor Walker just gave $100 million in tax breaks, pay no taxes at all. And if you don’t know what $1 billion will buy you, please view these pictures that expose this country’s obscene division of wealth.

Epilogue: The Money Shot

Confronted with such facts there should be millions of us in the streets. Of course, none in the mainstream media thought it worthwhile asking why public school teachers or any of America’s middle/ working class, should be asked to contribute a dime to the investor class’s self-inflicted financial ills, let alone make major salary concessions (which they’ve offered) or give up collective bargaining rights.

But perhaps you already know how this will end: the money shot will be the big hurt put on America’s most vulnerable and precious assets and these amoral pigs will laugh all the way to their offshore accounts. They don’t care if we can paint them as the greedy, insatiable, social prostitutes they are as long as they are rich whores.

Or maybe there has been a misstep here somewhere along the way. Maybe they have overstepped their reach, or perhaps we’ve all tired the same lick em, stick em and cum predictability of this political and social policy porn.


Of one thing I am sure, we will lose this fight if it’s fought in the corporate media. It’s their media and the script readers who pose as reporters, are in actuality well-paid whores, who have no compunction about swallowing it all and telling us that we should suck cock and swallow as well. They will make a convincing case for taking in the ass, for it is your duty as an American. But as Egypt showed us, the real numbers in the street are what matters. It is there where you will find the enlightened discussion within a true democratic process. If you’re in/near Wisconsin, or any of the other states where solidarity or related demonstrations are scheduled, you need to go. Or, alternatively, you can resign yourself to the porn.

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…