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Dr. Phal asks “A Woman as the next American President?”

By neonorth Jan 21, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Phal asks “A Woman as the next American President?””
  1. Who gives a fuck who takes control of the White House next anyway? The country is headed either towards a police state or balkanization and there’s nothing the political class can do to change that even if they wanted to (which they don’t – as forming a police state would give them ever greater power)…

  2. Wasn’t Hillary a president once? Whoops, sorry. Old worn out joke. Seriously, i’m wondering if the Western world could ever produce a woman leader who wasn’t a battle axe. Why doesn’t it produce women in prominent roles anymore who are graceful, like Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Princess Diana? Look at Margaret Thatcher. Her reign of terror still makes my Hispanic sympathies stand on end. And Condeleezza Rice’s interference has rebellion jumping around like pop corn. Women leaders are a great idea, but couldn’t we have someone who is nice?

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