Wed. May 29th, 2024

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Phal and his Assistant”
  1. Neo, Hell will be a wonderful place to visit with your sense of humor there to cool things down.

  2. Oh cripe. Mitch already made the best comment that could be made to this. Now i know why the script writers for South Park say, “blame Canada”.

  3. Well Mitch, you’ll never see me there – I just can’t see anyone willing to elect me to Ottawa!
    It’s sort of a strange thing, which I totally attribute to permafrost, Karlsie, that we Canadians see things a little bit different because Americans just choose to place so many meanings on the same phrases. The first time I heard that a Teabagger was giving a speech my immeditate thought was “hmmm, they shouldn’t talk with their mouths full-maybe hum, but talk, there’s just not that good of rythym to it”…

  4. A.B. I thought the same thing about Teabaggers and I don’t have permafrost to blame. I still giggle at the little old grannies calling themselves Teabaggers sometimes I wonder if they are just having one off on everyone. So…Ottawa is He’ll on Earth? Or just a portal?

  5. Oh great, now I have this image stuck in my head of some old lady coming up to me, taking out her false teeth and giving me a wink and whispering “wanna go ‘talk’ some American politics, honey”. Ottawa, by the way, is the primary franchise of Hell – they got it for a steal, all they had to do was screw Alberta, kiss Quebec’s ass and squash equality for visible minorities…..

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