6 thoughts on “Dr. Phal’s advice for surviving the holiday season

  1. I think i’ll hold off on the group sex visualizations. Our Christmas celebrations are the babies to grandma sort of thing, and throwing in a few sexual appetizers just seems wrong! However, my thoughts could be alleviated into a celebratory mood if i imagined the Christmas tree was Michael C. Hall doing a tap dance and strip tease.

  2. I’m not sure who Michael C. Hall is but I’m sort of hopin’ its not the proper name of Monty Hall – I shudder at the thought of him in a neon tiger thong with three boxes glued in a trianglular to the front looking seductively out and saying, “Do you want door number one, two or three?”

  3. Thanks, it’s usually the other way around, folks saying that if they hadn’t ever talked to me they wouldn’t need the therapy!

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