The Case Against Meat

By: Bruno Massé The author of this article homework help psychology has been a vegetarian for the past seven years and kamagra oral jelly banana online recent extensive bloodwork confirmed no evidence of mineral deficiencies whatsoever. Official Website: ‘Sprout eating motherfuckers’: an introduction According to the most recent surveys, 6% of the World’s population admits to never eating meat. That’s an easy 360 million people. They’re here, and their numbers are growing. According to the last US health reports, vegetarians and vegans ranked

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amongst the healthiest strata of population: little to no diabetes, heart conditions, weight problems and overall highest life expectancy. There are many reasons why people don’t eat meat, for some (ex. India) it’s a question of religion, for others, environmental concerns, empathy towards animals, health matters… or all of the above. What was once regarded in Western countries as some freak habit of a handful dirty hippies is now taking over sections of your cookbooks, supermarkets and TV shows. Still, as any innovation is bound to meet resistance, the case against meat is still quite a matter of controversy, in the face of animal liberationists, environmentalists and garden-variety popstars, most of today’s predominant values are

still intrinsically cialis tadalafil linked to eating meat and being damn proud of it. In this short essay I’ll sum up the case against meat and lopid online debunk some of the myths surrounding vegetarianism/veganism. I’ve done my homework, I’ve done my research, I’ve walked the walk. Now hear me out. So what the hell’s wrong with you? 1. Meat is wasteful The meat industry takes up ridiculous quantities or arable land, water and energy. For example, for every 100kg of grain taken by a cow, only 10kg goes to muscle, which we then eat. This type of agriculture is unproductive, wasteful and destructive. We could feed more people better without it. The UN estimates that with only 10-15% of the grain reserved for the meat industry, we’d have enough to solve world hunger. 2. Domestication In the vast majority of the meat industry, animals are mutilated and crammed in tight spaces out of sunlight until they get killed. Their domestication is a historical process: we breed them to make new species, bend their sample abstract legal research paper bodies to our will. In fact, cows are a human invention. The ancestors were called aurochs, but they’re extinct now, and guess who’s fault that is? It’s an ethical problem, so long as you think we should cause and endure less suffering, not more. Meat does taste like murder, and murder tastes pretty fucken awful. 3. Chemicals Because of their newly found genetic defects and the fact animals pretty much stand together in their own shit all day, it’s necessary for growers to pump them full of antibiotics to protect their investment. Also, they shoot them full of growth hormones

to hasten the life cycle and sell them quicker. All these nice chemicals get into the meat, which gets into our system. The consequences are many, for instance, girls have started getting their period much quicker in industrialized countries, as early as nine years old. 4. Health concerns Put simply, meat is full of saturated fat, cholesterol and doesn’t provide much in the way of a healthy diet. It’s been linked to heart disease, weight problems, strokes and diabetes. The only useful contents are minerals and protein, but you can get those from much healthier sources. 5. Ecological concerns The environmental problems of the meat industry are many. Waste from the meat factories pollute rivers and underground aquifer, produces greenhouse gases (such as methane), and the

vast fields of monoculture (grain, corn) needed to feed the animals are treated in the same industrial, chemical style (genetically modified crops, insecticides, etc.). But I hate broccoli! So we know the arguments against the meat industry, but a lot of people prefer to see the alternative as much, much worse. After all, it’s much manlier to stand strong in the face of overwhelming evidence, and we get critics even inside the environmental iphone spy movement. So here’s some of the most famous counter-arguments, and a little bit of common sense. 1. “You need animal proteins and minerals to be healthy” Granted, you do need protein and minerals to be healthy. If you don’t get enough, you

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can get weaker, depressed and face conditions such as anaemia, immune system deficiencies and your body could heal much slower. sildenafil 100mg tablets price But the thing is, you can get proteins from a lot of different foods, that’s not even the biggest concern. The real problem is the minerals. But

they exist in natural forms. You have to do some research, because it can get tricky at first (ex. you need to combine vitamin C and iron for your body to absorbe it), and you may not know for sure if you’re eating right for a while, because the B12 reserves in your liver can take years to run out. But there’s tons of guides and how-to’s available. 2. Tofu is not a viable alternative to meat. It’s the Devil’s invention, plus, it’s yucky. Let me make this clear: tofu is one of the most genetically modified and industrialised food on the planet. However, organic tofu exists and

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is available almost everywhere. And even though tofu is not the sole canadian family pharmacy legit pharmacy online answer to meat replacement, it’s a nice addition to anyone’s diet. It’s got complex proteins, which is a must for vegetarians/vegans. Also, tofu will taste like anything you cook it with. So if it tastes awful, try something more suited to your taste. 3. Meat tastes too good to give up. Ah, the classic

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irrational argument. Cause that pork chop is your only reason to live. Sure, there’s no debate as to the good taste of barbecue, but that’s besides the point. Let me repeat that: it doesn’t make a lick of fucken difference what you think tastes good, not when your precious taste is killing ecosystems and ensuring the starvation of millions, so yeah, you might want to pause and reconsider. Vegetarian/vegan cuisine iphone spy app can be bland and plain fucken depressing, but it can also be exquisite and tasty. Get cooking. Going veg So you’ve decided to ditch the fosamax online jerky and become one of us granola pinko degenerates. Nice. What can you expect? 1. Faster digestion. You’ll digest most meals much doctor of pharmacy online degree quicker, which mean you’ll feel lighter and less bloated after eating. You’ll also get more energy, have less digestion problems and be more regulated. Some people experience weight loss in the first few months. You also want to bear in mind that your ability to process meat will decrease as time goes, so if you eat some after a long time, expect some real intense cramps… 2. Faster metabolism. As you get more energy, you’ll also get hungry more often. Some vegetarians feel the need to have four meals a day to compensate. It’s a good idea to carry food with you, such as granola bars, to help you get through the day. Most vegetarians/vegans claim to feel better and healthier than when they used to eat meat. 3. Cravings. It depends on individuals, but most people get intense cravings for meat and other animal products when they change their dietary habits. Don’t panic. Those will go away in time (6 months to a year) and eventually you’ll lose the taste for meat. A good tip is to use sea salt when you’re cooking, as it tastes nearer to animal salts. Also – and I can’t say this enough – you don’t get any special powers. And you won’t. I’m sorry, that’s just how it is. Going overboard It’s good to focus on what you eat. It is, after all, what you are. But there’s such a thing as doing too much. You don’t want to cook all day and think about how to get a prescription for viagra food non-stop. In the wake of alternative diets and lifestyles critical of meat consumption, psychiatrists have termed a new disorder sometimes developing in individuals constantly bent on their own food intake: orthorexia nervosa, loosely defined as “people who have developed a fixation with healthy or righteous eating”.

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a conclusion The whole point about the case against meat is this: as a species, we have to eat less meat, and drastically so. Even if we don’t want to see it, we are responsible for the well being of each other, the planet and the life forms that still inhabit it. tadalafil soft gel capsule 20 mg That’s a fact. Moralizing, demeaning or ridiculing people who have different ideas and practices than you is generally not the way to help them or further the cause of the Earth. Sure it feels good, and sometimes you have no choice but to defend yourself and strike back, but see here: reason suffices to prove the case against buy levitra online meat. Any way we can help ourselves live better lives and act in a more ethical manner towards the sildenafil in premature ejaculation land we live in is inherently positive, but always bear in mind that no individual choice will save life on Earth or our species from extinction – ethics of consumption are but a fraction of the solution and we have to enable ourselves to act canada pharmacy online on a broader scale in the world we want to change. The case against meat is one part of the problem of Civilisation. That being said, let’s move on…