Dr. Phal and the Cancer Scam

Dr. Phal and the Cancer Scam

By: Dr. Phal McCawk-Dr Phal takes on a cancer huckster. “Well surprise surprise cancer girl meets the mummy. What’s with the”


  1. Cat scratch fever is serious! A friend of mine almost died after being afflicted with it. They say he would have been alright if he had not gone berserk and tried to do it with a walrus. The truth is, he’s short sighted and lost his glasses in one of his episodic rampages, and thought he was accosting the three hundred pound prostitute who hangs out at our four-way stop sign. He now lays in a hospital bed with multiple fractures, and the only words we’ve heard from his mouth so far is, “gimme the ram charger”. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

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