Bruno Masse, also known as Raven, is an author, researcher and multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, Canada. He is a long time contributor to local eco-anarchist zine La Mauvaise Herbe, the International Anarchist Theatre Festival of Montreal and online magazine Subversify. Member of the Anarchist Writers Bloc and better known for ground-breaking research in the field radical environmental movement studies, he has also published three novels, one poetry collection and enacted four plays.

Bunkertor Null; Charlie’s Last Day on the Job. Part 2. *** Angled another corner. Maybe two blocks from the office. The shot missed me by a fraction. Light caliber. Heard the whistling next to my lexapro with viagra ear and wheeled left. Old warehouse lining the alley. Half-broken windows where shadows moved. Aim. Breathe in. Squeeze the trigger. The recoil pulsing into my shoulder, the FN-F2000 bulky against my karela chest. The windows shatter. Bullets bite through tin plates. Bricks explode across the walls. And as

the last bits of glass viagra karela online fall from the frames, I throw a frag grenade in, run off, changing my homework buddy mags absent-mindedly as the doors blow out behind in a deafening bang. What’s wrong with these people Anna? No leaders, no central organization, just crazy fucks out to get us, four out of five continents – and you bag one, Anna, you just fucken slug one of the little viagra biverkningar shits… and ten take its

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ground like a sack of potatoes. Fire clawing up my leg like molten lava. Blood mingling with dust now. Vertigo gripping tight, but I’m not even moving. Metallic hissing through my headset. Is it Whiskey? iphone spy Delta? Arh! No, I’ll – geh, brah! Anna, with your sunny braids, and those flowered skirts you wore

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but now, well, now, it’s different – Charlie, this generic viagra is Delta. Do you read? Whiskey is down. I’m done for. I’m… Is he crying? You gotta go, I – shit, shit! Everything’s still spinning when I get to my feet. The ruins, the rubble, the dust. What a cool Autumn breeze. Blood running down my neck. Left leg’s just not right. Body armor’s shot to hell. Some straps loose. I take it all off as I go, helmet too, but keep the headset. Fuck, where’s my rifle? Switched. Fourth window South-East. Eighty-six that motherfucker! Grab my Mauser 80SA. Just a Browning clone, but I’ve got AP bullets. Copy that, Delta. Charlie here. Hang in there. I’m on my way. ETA two minutes. Round the corner I see the office building, but there’s some of them in front. Can’t see straight, blood and dust glucovance about in my eyes. But I know their type. Lefties. Godless. Dressed in rags, but they all got something black. They like black. Last grenade flies off in a great arch, it’s so beautiful. And then I go in shooting. It’s kinda cool, Anna. I just go in shooting like in the

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trigger. Again. And again. When the smoke clears there’s just a lot of blood mestinon online and strewn body parts. Changing clips. My last clip. Delta, this is Charlie. Come in. Limping all the way. Can hear automatic fire. That shooter upstairs. It happens if woman takes cialis just bursts is buying viagra online safe on, non-stop. Unflinching. Come in, Delta. I got a job to do. Gotta pay the mortgage. Alimony. And everything else. And you don’t like what I do, Anna. But someone’s gonna do it. I’m sorry you don’t want to talk to me no more. I just miss you so much. When I burst in the second floor, there was so much noise from the rattle I slipped spy cell phone tracking online in unnoticed. There was the shooter. Fuck. Charlie, this is Operations Center. Come in. We are under attack. Repeat, we are under attack. You are to return immediately. Do you copy? Over. She’s gotta be about fourteen years old. Just like you, Anna. Got some shit Chinese AK clone from the 50s and a crate full of ammo. And she’s raining down hell on the ruined city like there’s no tomorrow. So I aim. Breathe in. Can’t pull the trigger. Charlie, OC here, the CMC hit was just a decoy to thin our defenses. The rebels are breaking in Bunketor Null, I repeat, they are breaking in. Someone rams me in the head from behind. My headset flies out and I sprawl out on the grimy concrete floor. The Mauser slides beyond my reach. The girl stands up, walk towards me. Suddenly they’re everywhere. It’s dead silent outside. For once, it’s silent.

Her hair’s braided, like yours, Anna. And as my world whiffs out of existence, one frail voice squeals out, over and over, from the speaker in the headset. Prerogative One. Come in, Charlie. Bunketor Null is hosting a secret meeting of the World’s remaining what is cialis professional governments. If they get in – pharmacy online Charlie, we need you. Come in, Charlie. Come in. – The End –

One thought on “Bunkertor Null, Part II”

  1. I liked the ending, though child soldiers creep me out (as you probably know if you’ve read my Bisaria series). Children have no innate moral values, so they can be turned into pure killing machines.

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