Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

By Space Eagle

Beyond the clouds and past the sky

Await the pearly gates

I can hear them beckoning

Along the Gulf Coast states

As dark and gloomy fingers spread

Across the waters deep

Turning wildlife car-ca-sses

Into a rotting heap

The fingers weep and seep and crawl

Into currents all

Dolphins, whales, and fish with scales

Whether large or small

Birds and mammals fed on them

But now they won’t have food

They’ll feed instead upon their brothers

In their desperate mood

Great land sharks they will become

Feeding on the spoilers

Being driven from the shores

By the haughty oilers

It won’t matter if your hair

Is black or red or blond

Soon they may be sending you

Into the great beyond

@ Space Eagle Productions, 2010

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One thought on “Wildlife Retribution”
  1. Holy crap! You guys actually accept rhyming poetry as REAL poetry and take it seriously enough to publish it? Hurry up, stand behind me so you can catch me when I fall.

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