Of Democracy and Demogogue’s

By Feud

The Democracy Acrosticy

Day after day we hear of the people
Elegant words from eloquent men
More cant skips from steeple to misshapen steeple
Or the prison, the college or iniquitous den
Crave us the truth for the lies that you tell
Regale us with fears about our enemies’ spies
Are you on the level, My God, are you hell
Cry out of shame for your hideous black lies
You tell us you need more and more powers

Inevitable, you using statistics as ‘proof’
Save our country, you cry, fear you sell by the hour

Democracy is yet further parted from truth
You’ll stay in power for ever and a day
In spite who you vote for, the government gets in
No good though will come and we’ll each of us pay
Grief brought us to this, grief and your sin!

Retire to the riches your evil has styled
In the days still to come they will burn down the sky
Pernicious liar; I fight you ‘til I die.

Dedicated to Tony Blair; war criminal and charlatan

The Demagogue

Inglorious, ignoble, lowly you stoop
Bereft of thought or hope or heart
Never yours a soul recouped
So rotten from the start

In some other time your witless cant
Might have graced some dark rally
In this lighter age your recompense is scant
As your exchequer tallies

Hypocrisy your guide, endless guile your way
Dishonesty your trusted friend
Bad faith your constant voice
Plotting out the means without the ends
Death or glory; make your choice

The fault is always someone else’s
Isn’t that what you say?
Yet still they sing to you in excelsis
These lackeys who you pay