Dr. Phal’s how 2 b an eduhcational professurinal

Dr. Phal’s how 2 b an eduhcational professurinal

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  1. Dr. Phal wished for me to pass on an additional piece of information: This is a piece of fiction; any resemblance to events, places, persons or things is purely coincidental. If you are offended because there is a belief that it is similar to an event, person (s), or thing has occurred then it comes down to a basic premise: if one does not wish to take responsibility or be held accountable for their actions, then don’t do them. Pretty damn simple.

  2. I’ve know a few administrators, assembly people, legislators, etc., who seem to have followed Damnill’s tips religiously. It seems to be quite a formula for success, at least for the ladder climbers, if not for the ones they’re climbing over.

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