Neville Nubnibbler: Artiste or just another Freak

By Neonorth:
The Legend:
A couple of summers ago Neville would see a man from Australia that would change his thinking about the use of a brush as a tool for painting. The Aussie painted landscapes with his penis which got Neville thinking about whether he could use his own penis as a paint brush. Not as noteworthy as the legend, but then again when does reality ever live up to its myth?

A Long Hard Climb

By The David
The message of “The Little Engine That Could.” is, of course, that no task is too daunting if we believe in our goal, and if we believe we can achieve it. No task is too daunting! Or is it?

Attack of The Drones

While we here in the States have had our minds on the issue of Health Care and gun toting Americans showing up at town hall meetings, a continued war has been raging unchecked in Pakistan in and around the Afghanistan border.

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