This is Your Freedom, America Conclusion

This is Your Freedom, America Conclusion

300px-Lionel_de_Rothschild_HOCTo continue this dissertation:  We must now move from third party correspondence into a venue more suitable to encapsulate the reader and said venue is suitable only for Citizens of the United States. If you are a citizen of the (u)nited States of America, or the citizen of another country it is of no force.

How did (you) become a ‘subject’ of the artificial UNITED STATES? The US Corporation has no more power over (you) than does the Taco Bell Corporation. UNLESS YOU CONTRACT UNDER THE ARTIFICIAL ENTITY.

First, your birth certificate was voluntarily given by your mother and father to the state and then entered into the Commercial Registry for Registration, within the UNITED STATES, when you were born. This, in commerce, gave Title to your body by way of Statutory Fraud into constructive or other types of contract.

Next, the government created an artificial “person”, an organization, a fictitious entity, and what is called a “Straw man” or Strawman. By and through an adhesion contract, the government then made you; the real man or woman; responsible for and fiduciary for and surety for that artificial entity. This is how your artificial entity secured the National debt and through it, you became a 14th Amendment Citizen of the UNITED STATES.

All licenses and all existing contracts are made between the UNITED STATES or THE STATE OF (whatever state you live in) and your artificial entity, that fictitious entity binds you to the UNITED STATES because they have, through adhesion contract and Statutory Fraud, made you the real man or woman, fiduciary and responsible for that artificial entity. Of course, you voluntarily sign, and even request, all those contracts, don’t you?

All of these contracts you sign carry with it your agreement to obey and uphold all the laws, rules and regulations passed by the Congress of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and THE STATE OF_________ . And as such will be enforced against you.

From that day forward, you could never own any property because the State now had possession of it. In 1964, the State obtained title to your property. You can only rent their homes that you believe you own. You only have a certificate of title to the car you think you own. The state owns the true title to your homes and to your cars, to everything you thought or think you own.

You married the state through your marriage license and your children became wards of the state. You are a Ward of the State. All of this was pledged, including all the fruits of your future labor, to the bankers as security against the national debt and was placed in the possession of the Secretary of State of each state as an agent for the Trustee of the Bankruptcy – The U.S. Secretary of Treasury.

This was further tightened up when you, or your parents for you, applied for your Social Security number after 1935, by contract which you hurriedly voluntarily entered into, when the Social Security Act was signed into law. And then by many further contracts to be entered into and license to be applied for you were a subject of a Foreign entity, The English Registry – all voluntary affairs mind you.

And back into third party.

Thereafter, the movement toward a communistic dictatorship and One World Government rapidly increased. The Bretton Woods Agreement created the United Nations in 1946.
The adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code by all States in 1964 and a number of other like laws and Acts were incorporated into the Nation of the America peoples. This made the Uniform Commercial Code, the Supreme Law of the Land.

To finish up, one must again move out of third party, so in conclusion;

In 1976, Congress took away any semblance of law or justice left within your court system. All law today is now construed, constructed and made up by the judge in the courtroom.

They took away any control or authority you might have had over the court system. See Senate Bill 94-204 which deals with the court system and Senate Bill 94-381 dealing with Public Law. This has been very well hidden from all of you.

Many of you going into court often wonder why and how the courts can simply override the laws you put into your paperwork. It’s very simple now that you know how they do it. They operate on the words ‘construe and construct’.

A simple word such as ‘in’ changed to ‘at’ as in ‘at law’ or ‘in law’ has a totally separate meaning. For example: If you’re in the river, you are wet, you can swim, etc., but if you’re at the river, you might enjoy a refreshing picnic, play baseball or run races. See the difference a simple word can make? And, the attorneys often change this word when they answer your motions – in addition to many others.

It will pay you in dividends to read the answers of attorneys to your paperwork. Compare what they say the case law says to the actual case law itself. You’ll discover that they have actually changed the words therein. This is illegal, you might say. No, not, according to the above Senate Bills.

You see, they can now construe and construct any law or statute to mean whatever they decide it mean, for their benefit. You don’t know any of this. You think they are railroading you in a kangaroo court. No, they are ‘legal’ in what they do. They usually follow the law to the letter; their law, private law, the law of contract that you know nothing about. This law is called contract law. It happens in a court of Equity, not in a court of justice, or a court of the Common People.
It is a precarious situation we are in. Many of us have lost sight of “This Nation under God” without even blinking. The true history of the “Free Americas” has been shrouded by a Corporate Veil, a de focto Private Corporation has proclaimed itself  Seat of the Nation; with all powers subservient to World Elitists’ whim.

To continue this dissertation:  We must now move from third party correspondence into a venue more suitable to encapsulate the reader and said venue is suitable only for Citizens of the United States. If you are a citizen of the (u)nited States of America, or the citizen of another country it is of no force.…


  1. Interesting and thank you. I have myself been contemplating the whole Social Security number issue. 22 years ago when my first child was born it was voluntary to apply for a card, now it is manditory;which makes no sense as Social Security itself is defunct empty and likely to never be refilled. However this handy-dandy tracking system of numbers is on everything we do from renting an apartment to going to the doctor’s office to get an annual exam. There has been much to think about in this series.

  2. This has much to do with the strawman, of which i hope Kran will elaborate more, sometime. It’s a difficult concept to grasp; this fictional value of your future potential to generate funds, and consequent worth as an investment. It’s a type of speculation in which the investors use every liquid asset available to insure they get their money’s worth.

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