Spiritual Haunting

church doorBy:GrainneRhuad

She stood at the door leading into the building

As she did every week she hesitated

How many weeks had gone by just the same as this one?

She could no longer remember and she was so tired.

They had no idea that they were haunting themselves

Haunting the halls, the rooms and the chapels

Doing so with their stories, repeated again and again

Until they became remnants of themselves

Walking dead

Not moving forward and no longer able to gain from the past.

She had begun asking herself why she continued

At first it had seemed like she could make a difference

Save one or two by helping them let go of what tethered them

Their past experiences.

But recently it seemed that none were even aware of this self imposed stasis.

She was beginning to be afraid of being caught herself.

Of becoming one of them

Because even if she wasn’t repeating herself

She was repeatedly returning.

Haunting the halls, looking for one,

just one soul awake.

It was probably time to move on.