Fri. May 17th, 2024

monkBy: Desolatecreature

“You are a teacher” said he

“I’m a student” said I

I used to deny it myself” said he, “but so many people told me I was a teacher that I started

To believe it”

*~*~*~I am a student…..


My teacher is the guy on the garbage truck spewing rap from the streets….


My teacher is the eyes of a child sent to school with no food in his belly….*~


My teacher is the breath of the wind and the voice in the shadow….


I am a student of what I don’t know, of who I am not……


I am a student of social injustice and war torn lands and famine…..


I am a student of the gluttonous, the wealthy, and the indifferent….


Of the weak and the strong, the sick and the well, of mental illness and intelligence…


I’m a student of senseless brutality, bigotry, prejudice and the homeless…..


*~I am a student…….


Desolatecreature is a long-time poet and seeker of inner knowledge through everyday occurances.  For more poetry and blogs from Desolatecreature look her up at

By Grainne

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3 thoughts on “Jedi”
  1. How much more we learn when we place ourselves into the role of the student, listening quietly to the teachers and then, the greater, the more distant teachers. The process of education is never complete when even the stones tell their stories. Very nice poem.

  2. It is the wise person who can recognise that every soul it encounters is its teacher. Indeed amoungst the most downtrodden, lowly and seedy are the greatest lessons found. Is that not what every single prophet has taught to us, those of us that had ears to hear? Lessons are not learned from Men and Women in golden robes and exhaulted stature…They are more like the Great and Powerful Oz, hididng behind curtains of inadequacy. Namaste.

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