Summer Storm


By: Grainne Rhuad

Her entrance was like a summer storm.

That is to say you could not gauge her

intentions until it was too late.

At first she was entertaining, providing a much needed reprieve

From the stagnancy of our lives, the monotony.

But at some point, and everyone will describe a different one,

Things changed.

She became wild.




The times of rest between her outburst were of a shorter and shorter nature.

Closer together came the flashes, the thundering roar.

Tears fell like rain, an illustration of the dashed hopes of her admirers.

We knew she left destruction in her path.

Fires that would need to be tended,

Hearts wounded in need of healing,

Who had hoped they would be the ones carried along to ride the lightning.

Then of a sudden she was gone……just gone.

Leaving in her wake the memory or temporary refreshment,

And her sweet electric smell to charge the air.

I find that although she was hard to take all at once,

With her passionate thundering and loud, “I AM HERE” pronouncements.

I miss her

Oh so much.

I await her return.