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Vive le Femme

By Grainne Apr 8, 2009


In the world today there are a great many silent crimes being committed against women, many of which go without a second thought. Why is the subjection of women a continued trend in a society that talks so much of equality and compassion for its fellow man? The wording would suggest the very reason: its fellow man; not fellow peoples, there is no ‘wo’ as a prefix, in a patriarchal society the only thing that matters is the word ‘man’. Consider:
Men already know how to use the power of suggestion in order to keep women in their place. In the three major religions Islam, Judeo, and Christian, the common thread of the beginning is that woman is responsible for the expulsion from Eden. Eve is written of birthing three children then nothing more is written while the story of Adam continues for centuries. In other texts, Lilith, the first wife of Adam, in her refusal to be underneath her ‘master’ becomes the mother of all daemons. The Norse would pillage and kill the men, but would do far worse to some of the women – rape and let them live. What better way to subjugate the power of a person than to allow them to witness what the crimes against them may bear, to make their instinct care for that and every day be reminded that they were not deemed as harmful by slaughtering them? The time it took for women to gain the right to vote in the maturing of the democratic system of government. The ongoing battle over whether a woman can determine if a pregnancy is to continue or not.

A man that exerts influence over others is considered commanding and is exalted by those under him; a woman doing the same is considered either a bitch or a dyke and becomes reviled by those under her. When society sees a woman with a man twice her age, the statement of belief the majority of society has is that the woman is a gold digger. When society sees a man with a woman twice his age, the question that society asks itself is “how much is she paying him?”

August 2004: The Vatican releases the document “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World” where “women should be respected and have equal rights in the workplace, but differences between the sexes must be recognized and maintained… The obscuring of the difference or duality of the sexes has enormous consequences on a variety of levels.” The document also blames feminists for “undermining” the traditional concept of family and creating a climate where questions are raised against the family in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father and making homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent.

June 2006: News that in China parents are using genetic selection in order to ensure the birth of boys sparks a worldwide debate on the science of genetics. The same report also states that women are opting to terminate pregnancies when it is determined that the sex of the fetus is female.

March 2009: Afghani President, Hamid Karzai has either passed or is in the act of passing legislation that makes it illegal for a wife to refuse sex to her husband. The same piece of legislation grants custodial rights to fathers and grandfathers.

In an age where the ideal of gender equality is professed to be not only attainable but a right why do these examples of negation of that ideal exist? Perhaps this is the explanation.

It is not that men abhor women, but expressing domination over the female is not enough. Power comes from the ability to create – men have only the knowledge of destruction: For man to ‘create’ paper, a tree has to be destroyed and its fragments are strewn from the wooden body. For a man to ‘create’ a nuclear reaction, a wholeness of an atom must be split. Even the act of a man giving a woman a flower to ‘create’ the act of devotion a man must sever that flower from the roots that nourished its life. A woman, on the other hand, within her womb combines two pieces of genetic material into one new being – she becomes God, she determines both consciously and unconsciously the path that new being will take.

The power of true creation will never be that of men. For this indignity, possibly the one few truths consistent throughout the ages of human evolution, men are behooved to rein those who could reign over those who crave to be the flesh carved image of that which controls the rain. How hard have the men tried to take this power away from women; test tubes, artificial insemination, genetic selection, all minute pieces of the power of true creation yet the one thing that mystifies men though the physiology is purported to be known: the womb of a woman. With all of man’s scientific interventions in the world of the development of a child the womb is still necessary to encourage the thriving of that being even if the sterile arena of a lab is where the beginning may have taken place. This basic premise negates the claim that men are the mirror of omnipotence; this bars the world of men from truly ruling over all that can be seen. This is the reason that the male expression of dominance is not enough; women must be made to believe in their subservience lest the patriarchal façade that feeds a man’s ego is lost. Let there be no mistake, women will always be undeserving in the patriarchal world that surrounds the globe today.

It is time for women to realize that the ideal of equality is just that – unattainable by passive aggressive methods. Women must realize that to be considered an equal in the patriarchal diorama of the world is to lead to their undoing. Boudicca, a Celtic queen led her people to victory over the Roman bid to conquer for years. In the end she took her own life as she faced a Roman General in one final bid to push the Romans from her home and saw her people, including her two daughters, slaughtered. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, took her own life rather than face the shame she had brought for her loss against the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. Joan D’Arc, fought fiercely and brought to power the man she thought to be the true ruler of France, Charles VII. In the end, Joan was captured by the English to be tortured raped and then burned at the stake. Indira Gandhi attempted to bring India into a state of peace, harmony and prosperity. She instituted the first family planning matrix for the area; any man with two children was to be sterilized in order to curb the population explosion that was tearing India apart. She was murdered by two men that had been there to be her body guards. All were equal to their male counterparts and that led to their deaths for men eliminate their perceived equals from competition to be the alpha male in their territory.

Men for all the words spoken have no respect for those who believe in compromise for comprising is admitting weakness or a stall until they are in better position to deliver the death strike. Men do not see them as part of a whole; they are and always have seen themselves as individuals that only bow and heed to those who they know they cannot defeat. For women to gain equality they first must prove superiority, to break the ego of a man to the point he becomes to see himself as a mere possession just as far too many women perceive themselves as. Women must reclaim their godliness that men have masked or forever they will remain the worn carpet that men tread without second thought upon. It is time for women to take the power they already hold – to be proud of their gender, to take the power of demeaning slurs away just as the black peoples have and turn it into a word of defiant definition of pride; one that no one other than their own can use: just as the word nigger before, let cunt be a feminine cry of battle.

By Grainne

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7 thoughts on “Vive le Femme”
  1. Well written article Neonorth! Of course the picture integued me but the article grabbed me and left me with an array of thoughts and feelings. Frankly I’m a bit tired of the whole equality arguement. Is smacks of the whole ERA and Reparations movements. Good intentions but poor delivery. If a woman’s womb does not have a man’s contribution they can not create! Men and Women can create together so together they both have G_d like potential. Yes, people are and have been oppressed. Everyone could make an arguement around how they were wronged by an individual, race, religion, nation or government. Lets face it, we are all different. The issue here is that we all need to be able to recognize, appreciate and value the inherent differences and beauty in all individuals. When we each recognize the power we each hold on an inidividual basis and honor that power within ourselves perhaps we would be a bit closer to treating eachother with respect. Again, bring us closer to being G_d like.

  2. This is betraying my Babylon 5 addiction, but that little man looks like a Centauri. And while i’m on that subject, why do i like that series so much? Because of the dashing captain? Good eye candy, but there’s a lot of candy around. And it’s very nice to see a sensitive, dedicated doctor and a security chief who borders on psychosis. But the main reason is the women! At last, live, strong, independent women who thought for themselves without the kind, patronizing indulgence of male whimsy. Spiritual Delanne, disturbed, psychic Lita Alexander and most of all, Ivanova. Iconoclastic, Susan Ivanova, symbol of all it means to be Russian. I’m in love with her. She is everything a woman should be; aware of her feminity but also aware of her capable mind, unafraid to accept challenges, able to make her own decisions without a co-dependent attitude. It’s time to give women back their personalities. They are more than make-up, frills and fancy hair-dos. They don’t need to become karate experts to prove themselves. The proof is in the things they accomplish for themselves, the thoughts and ideas they have to contribute, whatever role they assume. Equality lies in shared respect, not in shaping differences into sameness.

  3. I like Karla’s last sentance “Equality lies in shared respect, not in shaping differences into sameness.”
    Women and Men are different and will always be so. In my opionion there is no way to level a playing field as we are playing on different fields altogether.
    I agree somewhat with the quoted Vatican statement that “differences between the sexes must be recognized and maintained” it is those differences that make both of the sexes strong and special in their own way. I also as a woman blame the feminist movement in the U.S. (I cannot speak to any other country as I don’t have enough experience or information to do so) for undermining the value and power that women held and should hold in society. I have always felt the ERA sold us out. Their shortsighted grasping for buisiness goals negated our age old reign over the family and the shaping of society from home. In fact at this point we have given men the upper hand. All they have to do is show they are ‘sensitive’ by cuddling a baby and they get guy of the year award. In the mean time women have backed themselves into a place where they do have to bring home the bacon, clean house,cook and care for children. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to do all of that well.
    Women I feel do not need to show their superiority as much as they need to take back their boundries and say “hey, I’m not about to do everything. I don’t give a crap if that is what you think the ideal woman should be doing.” We need to make choices and stick to them defending them with all the fervor of our predecessors like the Heroic Boudicca. With the same amount of fervor we need to support our fellow women. We are weakened by the backbiting that we do to one another. When one woman judges another for staying home with their kids it weakens us. When another speaks poorly of her sister for choosing career, it weakens us.
    I guess the point I am trying to make is women are complex they have added choices in life paths including creation that men do not have to deal with. It does no good to take our own guilt and regret and nastiness out on the next gal. We need to love the fact that everyone has their role.
    That by the way includes men. We need to love the men in our lives and respect them for their unique roles, which brings me back to Karla’s statement.
    “Equality lies in shared respect, not in shaping differences into sameness”

  4. “There’s a leader and a follower. And that follower is a woman! She was created to nurture and care for her children. A man cannot perform the job of a woman. A creature that’s as emotional as a woman is not capable of delegating properly.”

    Those were the famous words that I’ve heard growing up, plus a few others such as, “We have four women in the house, and not a pot of soup ready.” Rest his soul.

    I look back now and think of all the women whose husband’s died and children were left behind; and how they maintained control as soul providers of their households. These women were leaders. The women of both World Wars took reign and managed. Women are equal. As there are times when they cannot lurk in the shadow of man, because it is possible that the shadow doesn’t exist; or even perhaps they refuse remain in the dark altogether.

  5. Yes, I chose education and starting my own business and that has led, in part, to being ostracized by friends and family.

    Women who assume power, weather it be higher education, owning a business, or other leadership roles, are often seen as outcasts.
    When, is not true, that men would not exist if were not for the womb-man.

    I have seen on many occasional, men crumble into emotional wrecks in the face of danger, despair, and adversity, while the women calmly stood up, gathered their children, and started to rebuild.

  6. I am so glad I came across the post! It took me weeks to search for the information you’ve mentioned previously and it’s a real blessing to find someone as enthusiastic about this subject as myself.
    What I am attempting to say is that the importance of this issue cannot be hesitated.
    People who raise it are all worth appreciation despite the fact that I,
    personally, do not fully share your own views. Anyway,
    thank you for sharing your own expertise!

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