Internet Junkie

Do you often find yourself compelled to use the internet? Have you neglected important aspects of your life just to be online? Do you waste hours at a time idly surfing the web? Are you completely consumed by cyber activity? You may be suffering from internet addiction.


I admit it. When initially I heard about the new social network called Twitter I threw all kinds of insults at users. I questioned their intelligence. I questioned the downfall of society. So of course I had to go and check it out.


Autumn…wrapped in wood smoke…and dipped in sunset. That how she would describe it, there was no name. Life turned in an instant and if you didn’t look close, if you didn’t keep your hands inside the ride…there was trouble ahead.

The Revolting Revolution

The tea parties that sprung up across the country on tax day would seem to be a revolt against government tax tyranny. They parade around with signs, chant slogans of anti-government uprising while embracing the idea of revolutionary upheaval. But these people are not your neighborhood anarchists that haunt your local IMF conference. No, these…

Campaign Remains

This one man’s speculation had led to a legion of followers, all of them wanting to participate in the utopia, the presented plan that would free them from their cares, their fucked up families, their homelessness, their drug addictions and nasty habits. Now he sat amongst the rubbish of a dream unveiled, and wondered.


By Karla Fetrow We took in the entire Mojave Desert tripping on Purple Dragon, from Mexicalli to Jalisco, tiny bamboo huts and adobe towns.

Ash Fall

Mt. Redoubt is quiet now. It seems almost unbelievable after more than two weeks of almost constant eruptions. Occasionally, a patch of blue shows among the yellow, ash dusted clouds. During these rare

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