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Dr. Phal

By neonorth Mar 19, 2009

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Phal”
  1. I can’t pinpoint it, but for some reason this guy reminds me of Dr. Phil. No offense of course, to the noble Dr. Phal, since Dr. Phil is a far more dubious advisor.

  2. Maya I think it is the phallic shaped head that reminds you of Dr. Phil, either that or the ‘Self Love’. It certainly can’t be the advice. That Phil guy can’t hold a candle to what Dr. Phal is offering….Did that come out right?

  3. But having litters of children is becoming so fashionable. They can take obediance classes, and enter shows. The person with the best matched set, doing the cutest tricks, like a washboard and saw musical troupe, or six little flying acrobats, wins. Imagine the television ratings!

  4. as always Dr. Phal gets right in there,trhusting to the heart of the matter, relentlessly hammerin home is point and spewing wisdom all over the damn place.

  5. Considering the media reports and the change in proprietorship of the care of the children I’d be sayin’ ol doc Phil wishes he was Dr. Phal…

  6. Oh, man! I laughed so hard, I think MY uterus popped out! Can I sell it on Ebay, too? Any bidders???

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